Link between binge drinking and job uncertainty is made by … a nervous Labour MP?

Alf is predicting a burst of binge drinking among Labour Party politicians (notwithstanding the misgivings he expressed about predictions a few days ago).

He is confident about this prediction because it is based on solid information from inside the Labour Party itself.


Yep. Really.

Alf triumphantly brandishes his evidence.

It’s a Stuff report about Labour’s explanation for the Navy’s binge-drinking culture.

A Labour MP (and he should know, eh?) says “humiliation” over having to reapply for their jobs has contributed to this culture.

Stuff gives us the background to the issue.

Drinking in the armed forces has been in the spotlight this week after it was revealed that Commander John Butcher and Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Fox are under investigation for drinking-related incidents.

Defence Minister Wayne Mapp has asked Defence Force chief Lieutenant General Rhys Jones to look at how responsible drinking can be improved within the navy.

And then we get Labour’s contribution to our understanding.

The spokesman on this occasion is Labour defence spokesman Iain Lees-Galloway, who – for good mesure – happens to be their “Associate Spokesperson for Health (Drugs & Alcohol)”.

He says morale in the Defence Force is very low after the civilianisation of 500 uniformed positions.

“I’ve had emails from Defence Force personnel around the country. They feel belittled; they feel the loyalty they have shown the Defence Force and the Government is not being returned to them.

“The minister needs to take a long hard look at the process around civilianisation and be open to the idea that some of these events that have occurred over the last week or so may be linked.”


In November Lees-Galloway will be repplying for his job as MP for Palmerston North.

He no doubt is wondering if the electorate will return whatever loyalty he has shown to it.

The same goes for all Labour MPs.

They are all having to reapply for their jobs

The polls suggest to Alf that some of them won’t be back.

This has driven him to drink, to celebrate the prospect of a Parlimaent with many more Nats.

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