A sex romp that went badly wrong on a yacht in Croatia – we now learn – might never have happened

It’s amazing how we in New Zealand can have a much better grasp of goings-on in Eastern Europe than journalists in that country.

The reporters had us agog last week with their fascinating account of a New Zealand woman’s very unfortunate accident.

They obviously have very vivid imaginations, a prerequisite to get a good job in that profession, and claimed she had severed her hand during a sex romp on a yacht in foreign parts.

Amy Ramage, 28, was on a two-week yachting holiday in Palmizana Marina, near the island of Hvar when she is said to have struck up a romance with an English tourist.

It has been claimed Ms Ramage severed her hand on the jagged edge of a hand basin after it broke while the pair was having sex.

This at least would attest to high standards in the hygiene department as well as a certain willingness to experiment in other departments.

Or so Alf thought when he first read the story.

He now learns it probably never happened quite like that, or anything like that.

Back here in New Zealand – without having actually heard from the woman since the accident – a family member is saying Ms Ramage “would never put herself in that sort of a predicament”.

“She’s a good Christian girl. I’ve known her all her life and she has strong principles … I just can’t believe it. It doesn’t sound like Amy at all,” she told Fairfax Media.

We further are told –

“The news and the headlines have been very upsetting and even though I’m not in contact with Amy’s mother, I still feel very sorry for her,” the woman said.

“Amy hasn’t really spoken to anyone yet and she is the only person I would believe. I really think they have just got it all wrong.”

Alf would like to think so.

It would be interesting to hear what her alleged partner in the alleged sex romp has to say.

Trouble is, the bugger has disappeared.

Croatian authorities were still searching for the Englishman, who reportedly fled after the accident, the woman said.

But maybe there was no such bloke, which lends credence to the account we are now hearing from relatives in Christchurch who are expressing huge confidence in the strength of Ms Ramage’s upbringing.

No-one is disputing that Ms Ramage was rushed to hospital or the nastiness of the accident.

Surgeons spent more than six hours working to re-attach her hand. Here’s hoping the op went well and that she soon regains full use of it.

A Croatian police spokeswoman, Marina Kraljevic Gudelj, has said police want to speak to the man who was with Ms Ramage so they could “clarify all the circumstances in this case”.

“We believe it was an unlucky accident, but want to check it all.”

But she did confirm that the pair had earlier been on board another yacht, called Vaska, before being found on the yacht Anete, where the incident happened.

The moral of the story for good Christian girls obviously is to stay on dry land, when in foreign parts.

Alf hesitates to further counsel these women to stay away from hand basins, because he goes along with the adage that cleanliness is next to godliness. But he does suggest great care should be taken in the way these hand basins are used.

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