Nobody needed to pay for a poll to learn we don’t want criminals in our neighbourhood

New Zealanders don’t want criminals on the street – Poll

Well, bugger me. Who would have believed it?

All of Alf’s mates would have, for starters.

And probably almost everybody elsewhere.

The exceptions would be criminals, lunatics and leftie wimps and tossers.

Despite the fact it is glaringly obvious, the proposition that we don’t want criminals on our streets was deemed newsworthy by the Sensible Sentencing Trust, which headlined it in a press release this morning.

The item beneath the heading refers to a recent poll of 1000 New Zealanders.

And guess what? According to the press statement, it gives us conclusive evidence that New Zealanders do not want criminals loose in their neighborhood.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust didn’t need to poll anyone – surely – to find that out.

The poll was conducted by research specialist Pauline Colmar and was sponsored by the trust.

A summary of the poll with the full report is available here.

That’s where Alf’s hunger for information about law and order was much better satisfied than in the contents of the press statement.

He learned – for example – that:

• 73% think prison sentences for violent crimes, (such as murder and rape), are too short with only 2% thinking they are too long

• 61% think punishments given in New Zealand for Youth Offending, (such as graffiti, vandalism and petty theft), are too soft and only 2% think they are too hard

• 86% think that if a person commits three crimes and is sentenced to one year prison for each crime, that their total sentence should be for 3 years; just 9% think the sentence should be for 1 year

• 71% think DNA should be recorded for people arrested and 24% think not.

That’s more to Alf’s liking. Firm figures that fortify his belief our bloody judges are much too soft.

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