Yes, it describes the weather around NZ in October, but hey – it neatly sums up Labour, too

October cloudy and dull – Niwa

That’s the headline at Stuff on a report about last month’s weather.

New Zealand was “pretty dull and gloomy” in October as it was cloudy and wet in most of the country, climate scientist Georgina Griffiths of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) said.

It was the cloudiest month on record in Christchurch and Upper Hutt since 1930 and 1938 respectively, while in the Wellington suburb of Kelburn it was the third-cloudiest month since 1928.

It strikes your blogger that, with a bit of tweaking, it sums up the main opposition party too.

And so –

Labour cloudy and dull – Alf

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