Support for the Greens will evaporate when voters see what would happen in the school tuck shop

And none of it is on the banned list.

Yeah, it’s great to see the polls are showing we Nats are a shoo-in at the election.

On the strength of one new poll result, it looks like Labour would lose seven MPs and National would gain nine.

Alf is depressed nevertheless.

Actually, every right-thinking citizen should be depressed, because the polls also suggest the Greens would gain four extra MPs.

Suggest is the key word, of course. Those calculations critically assume United Future, Act and Mana will retain one electorate seat and the Maori Party will keep four.

But hey.

The prospect of sitting in the House and facing four more Green MPs than in the 2008-11 term is thoroughly dispiriting.

But here’s what the Herald is saying about the poll –

The Green Party would boost its numbers from nine to 13 MPs if the latest weekly Herald DigiPoll survey was translated to votes.

With the retirement of current MPs, six new faces would join the seven incumbents.

The Greens have risen slightly to 10.1 per cent, the highest the party has been in the DigiPoll survey since the election campaign in 2002 when it peaked at 11.3 per cent – though it gained only 7 per cent in the election.

The good news, perhaps, is that the Greens have yet to start their campaign.

Once they have started, right-thinking voters will be more heavily exposed to their drivel.

A splendid example of Green drivel by great good chance was served up in the Herald today –

The Green Party wants to scrap the controversial National Standards, restrict class sizes to 20 and ban the sale of sweet drinks, lollies and chips at school.

This mind-numbing example of the role envisioned for the Nanny State under the Greens comes from their Education Spokesperson, Catherine Delahunty.

So what sad bastard came up with the idea of banning the sale of sweet drinks, lollies and chips?

Mind you, the thing about lists of banned items is that anything not on the list can be considered fair game.

Alf is delighted to observe that a ban on sweet drinks, lollies and chips would not rule out pies or finger-lickin’ good deep-fried chook.

Come to think of it, it wouldn’t rule out booze or cigarettes, either, although Alf by no means recommends that school authorities should put a Green ban to the test by selling those items.

He doesn’t have to recommend the school authorities put Delahunty’s list to the test because he is confident the publication of this and other potty policies will ensure the Green vote suffers the same shrinkage as Labour’s.

3 Responses to Support for the Greens will evaporate when voters see what would happen in the school tuck shop

  1. robertguyton says:

    This is serious, Alf! The ‘sweet drinks, lollies and chips’ bombshell could sink our country, make no mistake. Quite right that you should sound the alarm before it’s too late!
    I sense another credit downgrade building. Unemployment figures will of course, blow out as a result of this despicable policy. I was going to vote Green this election, but your post has hauled me back from the brink!! I’m ever so grateful, Alf.

    • Alf Grumble says:

      Now that Alf has saved you from making a big blunder by voting Green, why not leave Riverton and come and live in Eketahuna? After a few chats (and nips) in the Eketahuna Club, chewing over the big issues of the day, you are sure to add your vote to all the others he can count on later this month.

  2. robertguyton says:

    When I’m next through your way, Alf. I’ll look you up for a big-issue chew and as many nips as it takes to sort those out. I know a little about your town (first passed through as a 6 year-old) and need to ask – how well do swedes grow there? No Southlander worth his salt would relocate to a place here you can’t put a decent Doon Major on the plate!

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