If Michael Cullen didn’t say it, then it’s time someone did – we won, they lost (etc)

Take your pick, Phil

Look at the official scorecard.

True, they are preliminary results for the 2011 General Election and Referendum on the Voting System.

The Electoral Commission aims to have the official results published on its site by 2pm on Saturday 10 December.

But the preliminary results are pretty convincing.

What do they tell us?

Hah – we won, they lost, eat that!

But hasn’t that been said before?

A lot of people think so.

They include the splendid Paul Goldsmith, who wrote a book about taxation titled “We Won, You Lost, Eat That!”

“This book explores New Zealand’s tax history for the first time, and draws its title from Michael Cullen’s famous political taunt.

David Farrer a while ago recalled Cullen saying it after one of the mammoth fillybustering sessions in Parliament came to an end.

But a Kiwiblog reader had seen the original video footage and gave his account to Farrer:

it was the day of 16 August 2000. Parliament has just finished the 7th and final day of the Employment Relations Bill second debate. The Clerk has just announced there will be a debate for the 3rd reading of the ERB.

Speaker Hunt calls for a meal break as both sides stand after what must have been a long morning.

Cullen is heard on the camera mic as he stands saying in a loud voice to his front bench colleagues, “We won, they lost, let’s do lunch”.

Farrer suggested the the original quote had been through Chinese whispers since then, and the “eat that” part was not accurate.

In an interview in the Sunday Star-Times, Cullen said he never uttered the widely quoted words. “It’s a wonderful piece of historic myth.”

Having established that Cullen perhaps did not say it, Alf feels no constraint about saying it himelf.

But he also knows that Phil Goff might have no stomach for eating anything much today.

Goff will be holding a press conference outside his home in Auckland within the next 30 minutes.

Dunno if he intends to fall on his sword.

But if he does intend doing that, Alf has generously dipped into his weapons collection and sent him a few swords. He has suggested to Phil that he pick one to do what needs doing

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