It’s a silly idea and no, we don’t need an associate Minister specifically for Maori housing

More bloody separatism…

Alf has just caught up with news of a group representing not-for-profit housing providers.

He knows of lots of property developers who have gone bankrupt in recent years, which somewhat puts them in the category of not-for-profit housing providers.

But in this instance we are talking about do-gooders involved in an outfit which wants the Government to appoint an associate minister specifically for Maori housing.

Radio NZ reported there was discussion at Community Housing Aotearoa’s annual general meeting in Auckland on Wedneday about how to improve the way the Government and the sector work together.

The group’s chief executive, David McCartney, says there was consensus on the need to deal with funding issues to improve the delivery of community housing.

He says a minister with responsibility for Maori housing should be appointed.

This McCartney feller says there are opportunities on the horizon if the Government can work closely with iwi.

Opportunities on the horizon? What does that mean, exactly?

Radio NZ should have elaborated, and if McCartney didn’t elaborate in the first place, it should have asked him to elaborate.

Oh, but McCarnety did go on to say Community Housing Aotearoa will brief the Minister for Housing once the portfolio has been allocated.

Alf is hoping for a ministerial job, and it could well be Housing.

Here’s hoping.

It will be wonderful telling McCartney and all who think like him that we already have a Minister responsible for Maori housing.

Or rather, we already have a Minister responsible for state-owned houses that accommodate Maori families in need of such help.

This Minister is – of course – the Minister of Housing.

He (or she) does not need an associate with a specific responsibility for Maori housing, because Maori with money – and there are many of them – don’t actually need state help to put a roof over their heads. Or shouldn’t.

So unless that Miniser is to inject an element of racisim into the portfolio – or an element of ethnic preferencee – he (or she) will ensure that Housing NZ does its job.

That job is simple: it manages state houses and tenancies.

As its website says –

We provide affordable houses for those in greatest need, for as long as they are in need.

Do you get that, Mr Mcartney?

It provides affordable houses on the basis of need, not race.

And that’s as it should be.

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