Karn has been careless and (it’s a famous first) a crusher will soon make him carless

Oops...there'll be no more burnouts in this car.

Alf had never heard of Karn Clarrie Forrest until today, but is delighted to report that the 18-year-old from Otago looks like becoming a famous first.

He’ll be the first boy racer – ha – to have his car reduced to scrap in a crusher.

This tosser appeared in Balclutha District Court, sitting in Gore, on two driving charges yesterday.

He was charged with driving while disqualified and driving a vehicle with a sustained loss of traction on State Highway 1 north of Milton on September 29.

And guess what the judge did…

In what is believed to be a first, the court ordered the destruction of the vehicle under new boy-racer legislation.

According to the Herald report of these happenings, the court was told Forrest had been seen doing burnouts at an intersection.

He was convicted on both charges, sentenced to 150 hours of community work and disqualified from driving for 13 months, this bit of the sentence to kick in from August 13 next year when his current disqualification ends.

Forrest’s Facebook page contains numerous references to his love of cars and burnouts.

It also shows he is seriously lacking in horse-power when it comes to spelling and grammar.

“Currently got no license some f*** c*** bk home narkd me in 4 doin skidz so got done (for) loss of traction 6 months, bt thts alg coz now i cn turb me baby (sic).

“Wel about me um i love me carz an burnouts hah, muzik an pissn up wid me m8z bk home.”

Prosecutor Sergeant Penny Stratford said this was Forrest’s third conviction for driving with a sustained loss of traction.

Under section 129A of the Sentencing Act – which was amended with the support of Alf’s vote in the House two years ago – his car could be confiscated and destroyed.

The Land Transport (Enforcement Powers) Amendment Act and the Sentencing (Vehicle Confiscation) Amendment Act – remember? – were specifically aimed to deal with street racers.

The new regime came into force in December 2009.

Under this “three strikes” law, the police can charge drivers and impound their vehicles for an “unnecessary exhibition of speed” or “sustained loss of traction”, allowing vehicles to be seized and destroyed if a driver commits street-racing offences three times.

And down there in Otago – whoopee – Judge Stephen O’Driscoll ordered the car confiscated and destroyed under the Sentencing Act.

He said he believed Forrest was likely to be the first in New Zealand to have his vehicle destroyed under the legislation.

Our outgoing police minister, the magnificent Crusher Collins who was responsible for steering the Bill through Parliament, said the decision sent a message to the 86 people currently sitting on two charges.

“The image of this car being crushed will send them a clear signal. If they don’t get the message, then that’s right, they could be next.

“It is a bit ironic, but we did say it would take a wee while for someone to be stupid enough to put their hand up to say `please crush my car’, but clearly someone has,” Ms Collins told APNZ.

Betcha he told his mates he could get away with it.

To the contrary, he has found – no he Karnt.

Which raises another issue: shouldn’t we have a law to deal with parents who give their kids silly names?


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