Oh, look – the cops in the Far North have a queer interpretation of the law

It’s okay to be gay nowadays and to indulge in gay carry-on in bedrooms – or most places – isn’t it?

A report on The Northern Advocate’s website suggests otherwise.

The gay rights movement is likely to kick up a fuss over the matter.

Alf clearly recalls the debate that culminated in the Homosexual Law Reform Act being signed by the governor-general on 11 July 1986, although he doesn’t remember exactly what he had to say on the matter.

The new law (came into effect on 8 August that year and decriminalised sexual relations between men aged 16 and over.

No longer would men having consensual sex with each other be liable to prosecution and a term of imprisonment. Sex between women was not illegal, but many lesbians suffered the same social discrimination as gay men and were staunch supporters of the reform movement.

Maybe they haven’t caught up with the law change in the Far North.

The cops were on the case real fast after a Te Kopuru man, found unconscious in his home with head injuries, later died in Auckland Hospital.

A man subsequently appeared in court on charges stemming from the incident and further charges may be laid.

The report in the Northern Advocate website is headlined Homocide investigation after Te Kopuru death.

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