Details of Simon’s alleged deception are not clearcut, but his spiky hair should be

This wouldn't pass muster at Mark Perry's school.

A Herald on Sunday report, lamentably lacking in material detail, tells us (a) the cops have complained about a TVNZ reporter, alleging he attempted to deceive relatives of Carterton balloon victims, and (b) the reporter is a bloke by name of Simon Bradwell, who denies any wrongdoing, and (c) TVNZ is standing by the reporter but is looking into the matter.

And now – dear blog reader – you know as much about it as the HoS.

What the HoS knows, of course, is sweet FA because –

Details of the complaint have not been revealed, but Bradwell “vehemently” denies any wrongdoing.

It seems a relative reported Simon Bradwell to police in the aftermath of the disaster which claimed the lives of 11 people on January 7.

Exactly what Bradwell did or did not do is a mystery.

But looking into it will keep a few bureaucrats busy for a while, because –

The police complaint has been passed to the Ombudsman’s Office, which overseas codes of conduct for public service organisations and will rule whether there was a breach.

TVNZ spokeswoman Megan Richards said the broadcaster was also investigating the accusation and that they took the complaint seriously.

Thanks to something Richards is quoted as saying, we get a whiff of this matter being about an alleged deception.

She said: “The reporter vehemently denies any attempt at deception and at this stage it seems possible that there has been some kind of misunderstanding with the family concerned, at a time of great distress for everyone.

“We are very willing to talk directly with the family, if that’s how they would like to handle it.”

Deputy Ombudsman Leo Donnelly can’t enlighten us much further.

He is quoted as saying it was “not clearcut” what had occurred.

“We have only just received the complaint and we need to speak to the complainant before determining whether the conduct was reasonable or not.”

At this point of its pathetically sparse report the HoS has dipped into archives for a bit of background stuff to add a few more words.

Bradwell, a Wellington-based reporter who specialises in covering crime, has been at TVNZ since 2005.

Oh, and it has contacted the reporter who is under investigation, but learned nothing more.

When contacted, Bradwell referred questions to TVNZ.

Hence we are in no position to form any judgements about the propriety, ethics, morality, legality or anything else about what is supposed to have happened.

But Mrs Grumble has opined that she would get rid of the bugger as a TV reporter.

Certainly she would not put the bugger in front of a TV camera, and all because she can’t stand the sight of that spiky hair-do.

She recalls how a British headmaster a few years ago threatened pupils with exclusion if they gelled their hair too much.

Mark Perry has banned spiky hair that stands up at more than 90 degrees.

He says “exotic” styles contravene the school’s strict dress code.

But some furious students held a silent protest on the playing fields and refused to return to lessons after lunch.

Dunno what the boys were protesting about, because Perry said parents were told of the rule when they applied to St Peter’s Church of England Aided School in Exeter, Devon.

He said: “We have not banned hair gel but some of the more exotic hairstyles it is used to create.

“We are disappointed that a small minority of students chose to escalate something which is never normally an issue.”

Perry – for what it’s worth – is bald.

Mrs Grumble, who is not bald, says if she was running TVNZ she would introduce a similar rule and then consider expelling Bradwell.

At best she would give him a back-room job, where viewers are spared the unsightly spectacle of his spiky mop.

She would track down his hairdresser, too, and name and shame him, her or it.

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