Police are searching for a missing woman – and the NZ Herald seems a bit lost, too

Alf learned from Stuff about a search for a missing woman in the southern Wairarapa.

The headline said Police search for missing Featherston woman

“Our Land, Search and Rescue group searched till three in the morning and we had a helicopter up for an hour trying to locate her in the last place she had been seen,” senior sergeant Carolyn Watson said

Hmm. Hope they find her alive and well.

It seems she went missing on Friday.

But has the search team been looking in the right place?

According to the NZ Herald yesterday, Search resumes for missing woman in Featherston

Finding her in that smallish town (population 2400) shouldn’t be too hard.

But she is unlikely to be there, according to Alf’s grasp of things.

The search and rescue operation is looking for Cheryl Lee Shaw, 44, who was last seen at the intersection of Kumenga Rd and the East West Access Rd.

The intersection of Kumenga Rd and the East West Access Rd is much further from Featherston than the Herald headline suggests (using Alf’s willingness to walk the distance as a measure).

It is down near the southern end of Lake Wairarapa and not too far from Lake Ferry where you can get a great feed of fish and chips.

This is the largest wetland area in the lower North Island and a significant nesting ground for native and migratory birds, although Alf would be inclined to drive through it to the Lake Ferry pub and settle for an encounter with a Tui.

Featherston, by the way, has The Fell Engine Museum which houses the only Fell engine in the world.

It’s a survivor from the days of the Rimutaka Incline Railway.

The museum also has an incline brake van and lots of railway memorabilia.

Fair to say, the NZ Herald report itself seems to recognise the geographical realities and said –

A search resumes this morning for a woman reported missing south of Featherston.

The Masterton Search and Rescue team intended to continue the search yesterday.

Dunno if they were successful.

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