When it comes to a close encounter of the litigious kind, our money is on Crusher

She likes to finish up on top...

...and a helmet like this will afford bugger all protection to whoever is underneath.

The mind boggles at a thought entrenched in a Herald headline.

The headline says –

Collins on collision course with Labour MPs

The story below starts:

ACC Minister Judith Collins remains on a collision course with Labour’s Trevor Mallard and Andrew Little over comments they made in relation to an email Ms Collins received from former National Party president Michelle Boag.

Yeah, we all know about the row, and about the defamation threat and what-have-you.

Ms Collins has initiated defamation proceedings against the two MPs and Radio NZ and this morning again called on them to either produce evidence to back up their claims or to apologise.

However neither MP this morning was about to do that.

But let’s not waste our time with the legal stuff.

The lawyers can be relied on to sort that out.

No, it’s the prospect of a collision that bemuses Alf.

The way he remembers it, Mallard can have trouble staying on a bicycle.

Last year he finished up in hospital after coming a cropper while racing.

According to TV3 he suffered a broken wing and a fractured femur, although his attempts at becoming a high-flier haven’t amounted to much which suggests his wing is a bit like the wing you would find on a kiwi.

“Cycling along pretty fast and clipped the wheel of another rider and went upside down and hit the road,” he says.

It happened on a cycle tour in Otago on Saturday.

The other two cyclists were able to carry on but Mr Mallard was brought to Dunedin Hospital for surgery on his thighbone.

If he can be toppled in an encounter with other cyclists, what chance does he have when he and Crusher collide?

Not much. Just take a look at her bumpers for starters.

One Response to When it comes to a close encounter of the litigious kind, our money is on Crusher

  1. Ian says:

    Crusher and National are on a hiding to nothing on this one. Still waiting for Crusher to deal to a yobs car (any car will do). The permanently knitted brow and slightly serious expression carries little weight these days.

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