There should be no question of the outcome: pistol-packin’ student should be expelled

Alf was bemused by the opening paragraph of a report on a would-be hoodlum in the NZ Herald today.

It said a boy who used an air pistol on a student and a teacher could be excluded from his school when he appears before its board of trustees.

Could be excluded?

Does the board have a majority of namby-pampy tossers?

Alf can’t understand why the brat is even being given an opportunity to appear before the board.

He should have been expelled already.

The boy, alas, cannot be named for silly legal reasons.

He should be named. And shamed. And severely punished.

He is facing a fair old raft of criminal charges including two of assault with a blunt instrument, possession of a firearm, unlawfully carrying an imitation firearm and presentation of an imitation firearm after the incident at Paeroa College on Monday.

The 14-year-old appeared in the Youth Court in Hamilton yesterday afternoon, accused of going into a classroom with a bandanna over his face armed with an imitation pistol and shooting a fellow pupil in the face and head.

It is also alleged that he fired shots at physical education teacher Felise Tai’i who restrained him before he was taken away by police.

Judge Denise Clark remanded him to appear at the Youth Court in Thames next month.

The good news is that neither the teacher nor the student were injured in the incident.

The attacker was taken to Thames Hospital with minor injuries.

They would not have been minor if Alf had got near him.

Paeroa College principal Grant Aitken is praising Tai’i, saying he handled the situation brilliantly, but the school would review its processes.

He said the imitation guns which fired soft pellets and could be bought at local toy stores and coin-saver shops for about $10.

They were relatively harmless, but there had been suspensions at the school for BB gun use.

The school had sent a “clear message” to students that use of the guns during school hours would not be tolerated.

“You can fire it at your hand and it won’t pierce the skin but fire it at your eye and it might be a different story and that’s our concern – it has potential to cause injury.”

The assailant has built up an unseemly track record – he has been suspended from Paeroa College for earlier incidents, according to the Herald.

And then:

He is to appear before Paeroa College’s board of trustees this week where his fate, which could include exclusion from the school, will be decided.

In light of his track record and the nature of his latest carry-on, there should be no question about the outcome.

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