But don’t let Crusher get a whiff of any plotting to have her scalp, too, in the ACC blood-letting

Dunno how to handle this delicate mission, but Alf’s political opponents need sorting out on the matter of Judith Collins’ ministerial future.

Stuff today is reporting (here) –

LATEST: Opposition parties are divided over whether Judith Collins should be the next scalp in the “ACC crisis”.

The corporation’s chief executive, Ralph Stewart, quit this morning following a boardroom cleanout which has claimed chair John Judge, deputy John McCliskie and another director Rob Campbell.

Mounting pressure on the state insurer over the Bronwyn Pullar affair has resulted in the resignations.

So what’s dividing the Opposition?

Labour’s Andrew Little is saying The Boss needs to sack Collins and bring in someone new to sort out ACC.

“I don’t think John Judge, other board members and, for that matter, Ralph Stewart going – that alone is not going to change things.

“They did what their political masters asked them to do and their political master needs to change.”

Of course, he has a certain axe to grind.

Crusher is suing the bugger. And good on her.

But Green party MP Kevin Hague is saying Collins must stay on the job.

His reasons are set out in the Stuff item.

So far, so good.

What’s the problem here for Alf?

Ah, well, the delicate job is dissuading Hague, in private, that Crusher should stay on while criticising Little in public – no, excoriating him – for being bloody unreasonable in demanding her head.

The trick is to engineer Collins’ resignation, so that another cabinet reshuffle is required and…

Well, who knows what could be in it for Alf.

But he has to be very sure not to let Crusher Collins get a whiff of what he is doing behind the scenes.

Litigation is only one of the weapons in her formidable armoury.


One Response to But don’t let Crusher get a whiff of any plotting to have her scalp, too, in the ACC blood-letting

  1. Ian says:

    Collins has a formidable armoury? Come on. Oh wait, that’s right, all those cars she crushed along with the hopes and dreams of their drivers.

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