We won, they lost – so who needs a referendum to decide on the partial sales of state assets?

They’re a tiresome bunch of plonkers, the mob who call themselves the Keep Our Assets Coalition.

Yesterday they were again baying for the asset sales legislation to be delayed.

The Government’s asset sales law should be put on ice until the public have their say in a referendum says the Keep Our Assets coalition, who are collecting signatures for a citizens initiated referendum opposing the sell down of publically owned power companies and Air New Zealand.

The Mixed Ownership Model Bill – at long last – was back in Parliament yesterday for its second reading.

Alf gave it his big tick of approval.

But the tedious nay-sayers persisted with their opposition.

“There is strong public opposition to the sale of our assets. The Government needs to slow down, listen to the people and put the sales on ice,” said Grey Power President and Keep Our Assets Coalition spokesperson Roy Reid.

“From Kaitaia to Bluff everyday New Zealanders are signing the referendum petition and getting involved in the campaign. Those people deserve to have their voice heard.”

“There is no one clamouring to sell the assets, but there is plenty of people saying no. We already have tens of thousands of petition signatures and they are flooding in.”

No-one clamouring to sell the assets?

Yes, there is.

Among Alf’s colleagues, there was enough clamour for the bill to pass its second reading yesterday.

Alf joined that clamour, because he is really clamouring to buy a bundle of shares when the state sells them, and then he will bide his time and make a nice profit by selling them when the price is right.

That’s what commerce is all about.

What about the size of the clamour among protesters?

The NZ Herald tells us (buried in the story here) it was piddling.

Before the bill was read about 120 people gathered outside Parliament to oppose it.

The bloody kakapo could have mustered a gathering of that size to squawk about the asset plans, if kakapos gave a toss, because there are now only about 120 of the feathered buggers left in the country.

This number has been increased due to intensive conservation efforts but they remain endangered as a species.

Alf will not be encouraging conservation efforts on behalf of the opponents of the assets sales, who keep squawking about a bloody referendum.

The aforementioned Reid feller said the change of heart over class sizes shows the Government can listen to public opposition.

“They should do the same with asset sales and allow the referendum to run its course.

“We urge the Government to support amendments to the Bill that would delay any sales until after the referendum has taken place. That would be a fair thing to do,” said Reid.

The heading on his media statement said Asset sales law should be delayed until public has say

Ha! The public did have their say.

They went to the polls last November and gave we Nats the right to govern.

The Boss had something to say about that vote, according to the Herald’s report.

He said National won the election with the biggest result for a party in the history of MMP and Labour had its lowest result.

And he said the asset sales programme was the main issue of last year’s election.

So get in touch with your sharebrokers, folks.

You might own the assets now as citizens, but when we’ve finished with the legislation and got the sales programme under way, you will have the opportunity to buy some of them back from yourself and have the scrip to prove your ownership to any foreigner who might want to make you a nice offer.

One Response to We won, they lost – so who needs a referendum to decide on the partial sales of state assets?

  1. Colin McIntyre says:

    In MHOP it is hard to think of a more subtle Ponzi scheme than the asset sale proposals.

    Our Central and Local Governments are experts at Kicking the Can down the road solutions.

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