SkyCity knows when to fold ’em and Tuni will not face a disciplinary hearing over her Bible

Let the record show (as at 8am this morning) that Bible-carrying Tuni Parata will not face a disciplinary hearing today.

Radio NZ reported this development (here) as an about turn.

Casino operator SkyCity has made an about-turn and now says an employee found with a pocket Bible at work won’t face a disciplinary hearing.

Tuni Parata was facing a hearing for possessing non-work related material during work hours after the book was found on a bathroom vanity in the Sky Tower while she was in a cubicle.

The matter of Tuni’s Bible was the subject of a post on this blog yesterday.

But it seems SkyCity has issued a statement saying it regrets how the incident has played out (which is understandable) and at no point was it deemed as serious misconduct.

General manager of group services Grainne Troute says a meeting has been scheduled with Ms Parata’s union for Wednesday afternoon.

She says the incident will not result in Ms Parata’s dismissal.

The Unite union had got in on the fuss, of course, and said the company’s initial action was absurd.

But if Alf correctly heard someone from the casino on Morning Report, the meeting today will be aimed at finding a way of accommodating Tuni so she can have her Bible with her while she works.


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