No, it wasn’t the chainsaw massacre, but cutting up rough (allegedly) seems an over-reaction

Some mothers do ‘ave ’em (as Michael Crawford showed us back in the 1970s).

Some mothers – moreover – love ’em to bits, no matter what the buggers get up to.

And so today we are treated to the story (here) of a mum who is standing by her son even though he cut loose with a chainsaw, pushed her around and brandished a knife.

Or rather, let’s be emphatic, he allegedly did those things, because Alf is a zealous supporter of the notion that we are all innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

There was an element of provocation, because someone had swiped allegedly swiped this bloke’s booze.

Finding that some low life has swiped your booze can be damned irritating, as Alf can attest, although Alf is apt to do no more than pass a few ungenerous remarks about the pilferer before shrugging philosophically and going and finding or buying more booze.

In this case, the reaction was…

Well, it was spectacularly over the top and provides ample evidence that the feller is in serious need of some anger-management lessons.

Kaleb Travis, 25, has been charged after dramatic scenes at his mother’s Hikurangi home last week.

He allegedly cut through the front door, then through a pole, causing the veranda to collapse, before slicing through a front gate and a takeaway sign. Police claim the hi-revving onslaught began with a dispute over a box of Steinlager beer.

It is also alleged he pushed his mother against a wall and pulled out a knife before being arrested.

It is to be noted that this stroppy feller (or allegedly stroppy fellow) is 25 years old, which takes care of any suggestion his raging teenage hormones got (or allegedly got) the better of him.

He also is blessed with a remarkably tolerant mum.

Luana Travis said the allegations were “blown out of proportion”.

“I support my son. He just got angry because the people that were in the house were undesirables and his box of beer had gone missing. He over-reacted. The veranda fell down because it was rotten,” she said.

The landlord has said the damage to the property would cost about $4000.

This suggests Mum has finished up with an expensive heap of firewood.

Travis was bailed in Whangarei District Court and will reappear on August 17.

Let’s see what the judge makes of it.

One Response to No, it wasn’t the chainsaw massacre, but cutting up rough (allegedly) seems an over-reaction

  1. nasska says:

    I’ll wager that Mothers’ Day is an occasion she really looks forward to.

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