UK Minister calls for a cover-up – she wants papers like The Sun to stop publishing pix of topless sheilas

Dunno what Lynne Featherstone would make of New Zealand.

But it’s fair to say she would have some difficulty explaining her theories about the causes of domestic violence in this country.

It’s also fair to say – as you will learn from this post – that we can expect to hear much more about her campaign.

That’s because her job is to rid the world of domestic violence, and the world included New Zealand last time Alf checked his globe.

This Lynne Featherstone sheila happens to be a Lib Dem minister in Britain.

As a Lib Dem, of course, she should be viewed with profound suspicion from the outset, your basic Lib Dem being apt to lean much too much to the left from Alf’s staunchly held position on political matters.

She has to be viewed with great suspicion, furthermore, because she harbours some curious ideas about the effect of looking at pictures of topless bints in newspapers.

Actually, she wants to slap a ban on the publication of such pictures which – when you think about it – is a very unliberal thing to do, and may well be undem, too.

Her views are brought to us (here) by the Daily Mail.

Topless pictures in tabloid newspapers should be banned because they fuel domestic violence, a senior Lib Dem minister claimed today.

Lynne Featherstone, the party’s most senior female MP in government, is backing a ban on Page 3 claiming it has it had a ‘deleterious effect’ on women.

She conceded that she would be dismissed as ‘sour-faced’ but insisted the newspaper feature could not be justified as ‘harmless’ fun.


Let’s humour her and ask: how, exactly, do pictures of topless bints fuel domestic violence?

Ah – it’s simple.

On second thoughts, no it’s not simple.

And Alf has had to think real hard about what she is banging on about.

It seems the sight of topless models in newspapers is part of a culture of the sexualisation of women which influences public attitudes and domestic abuse.

The international development minister went on to say –

‘There is a real argument about what is OK in the public space.

‘If you are on the Tube you may find Page 3 is facing you and your young daughter and you may not want that to be a role model for her.

‘There is an army on the other side hurtling abuse. It’s not simply about equal pay. It’s about the constant drip, drip of women being sexualised in the public space [which] has a great bearing on attitudes and domestic violence,’ she told the Independent on Sunday.

‘When you know that one in four women experience domestic violence in their life, two women are killed each week by their partner or husband, there is a very long way to go.’

Alf must confess to having not known of the existence of Mrs Featherstone until now.

But it seems she was the equalities minister at the Home Office until the recent reshuffle of the British cabinet, when she moved to the Department for International Development.

However, David Cameron has since appointed her as ‘ministerial champion’ to tackle violence against women across the world.

Obviously this brief will bring her to New Zealand at some point.

Here she might have to go back to the drawing board, because none of our daily newspapers publishes a Page 3 topless girl.

Yet we do have a bad track record when it comes to violence against women.

If topless girls on Page 3 are not the root of the problem, maybe she will have to revise her thinking about the effect of The Sun on British males.

On the other hand, maybe she is right about The Sun. And if that be so … well, does it make sense to go ahead with daylight saving?

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