Hone has had to holler that his Mana Party was there, too, at the manufacturing summit

Alf was fascinated – as he usually is – by the wording of a just-released media statement from Hone Harawira, Mana leader and MP for Te Tai Tokerau.

Essentially, Hone wants to impress on us that he and his mob fully support a parliamentary inquiry into manufacturing.

Fair enough.

But then (see here) comes the fun bit –

“Mana did attend the manufacturing summit on Friday, but due to a communication error that did not see us included in the political press conference it was reported that we were absent.”

Well, well, well…

Hone was there…


Mana were there.

But when it came to the press conference…

Ha. They were overlooked.

That’s what comes of mixing with greens and pinkos.

The buggers will forget all about you, as soon as it is convenient.

So poor old Hone has had to take his own initiative to declare –

Mana accepts the invitation that was issued by the Greens, Labour and NZ First to participate in the inquiry. We believe the initiative is desperately needed to save an important sector in our economy and we look forward to exploring solutions with other political parties”.

Hone proceeded to promote one of his own hobby horses.

“One solution that could assist with the crisis is the Hone Heke Tax (Financial Transaction Tax). We believe that one of the primary reasons for our dollar being so high is because our currency is one of the most traded currencies in the world. The tax is already being supported by eleven European countries including France, Germany, Italy and Spain”.

“It’s great to know that the Greens are behind it and Labour have not ruled it out”.

Then he put his boot into we Nats, which was a tad untoward, some would say distinctly uncivil.

“The manufacturing sector is right – our government needs to intervene. Seeing as National are so short on ideas to bring down our dollar, why not share ideas with the Greens, Labour and NZ First to see what we can do”.

“This country needs leadership before another business goes under”.

If it hadn’t been for the statement from Hone today, Alf would have been wondering what he was doing, with regards to the Labour Party, the Green Party and New Zealand First announcing (here) their “parliamentary inquiry” into the crisis in manufacturing.

Dunno how they can call it that when it has not been referred to the Parliament.

But –

The parties decided to launch the inquiry after government members of the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee last month blocked an attempt to hold a select committee inquiry into the crisis in manufacturing.

All other parliamentary parties will be invited to join the inquiry.

Of course, Norman said he reckons New Zealand’s future is in smart, green manufacturing with high-skill, high-wage jobs that add value to our exports.

“Under National’s watch, manufacturing has been decimated. We urgently need to turn that around…”

The Inquiry Committee has invited submissions from all people concerned with the crisis in manufacturing.

It will hold hearings of oral submissions in several cities in early December and publish a report early in the new year.


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