Wake up and read your Herald – you might learn something your family was keeping hushed

If you are fit enough to fly home to the USA this week – well, maybe you are fit enough to read.

In that condition you might not necessarily insist that a copy of today’s NZ Herald be brought to you.

But perhaps spotting a copy of the newspaper can’t be avoided.

And in that case…

Perhaps the first thing you read tells you something your family had preferred you did not yet know.

Maybe it was the article (here) that says –

An American woman who was critically injured in a car crash near Waitomo Caves has not been told her husband was killed in the accident.

So now there’s a fair chance she knows her husband was killed in the accident and that her family had tried to keep it quiet.

Well done, The NZ Herald.

All – no doubt – a matter of exercising the right to inform, to satisfy the right of others to know.

In this case we are talking about Kirsten Steinke, 28, who is recovering in Waikato Hospital from serious head injuries she suffered in the accident on September 20.

And as the NZ Herald tells us –

Today her father Jim Steinke said it was not clear if his only daughter knew her husband Kallan Stithem was killed when they collided with a truck at a notorious intersection on State Highway 3.

“She’s not cognizant of everything that’s occurred. She’s aware she’s been in an accident. She’s aware she’s recovering.”

Here’s the background –

The couple were on their honeymoon and had been married less than a week when the crash happened.

And here’s the progress report –

Mr Steinke said his “vibrant, loving” daughter was improving every day and would fly home this week where a lengthy rehabilitation will continue.

There’s nothing in this that leads us to suspect she can not read the NZ Herald.

The best we can suppose is that a vibrant, loving lass would not be putting the NZ Herald on the top of her reading list.

Actually, it’s hard to imagine it at the top of anyone’s reading list.

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