Look what they give you (strictly for medicinal purposes) if you finish up in hospital blind drunk

Dunno how long it would take to get from Eketahuna to New Plymouth in an ambulance.

But that’s the place to go for top-shelf medical treatment.

Alf has instructed Mrs Grumble to make sure he is put in the good care of the Taranaki doctors after reading (here) about a blind-drunk diabetic man who was given whisky by doctors to cure him of alcohol poisoning.

Denis Duthie, 65, was admitted to Taranaki Base Hospital after he went blind during a heavy vodka drinking session at a 50th wedding anniversary in July, Fairfax Media reported.

Mr Duthie said he wanted to share his story so people, particularly those with diabetes, knew the risks of heavy drinking.

Doctors suspected the Taranaki chef had formaldehyde (methanol) poisoning, and opted to start alcohol infusion into his stomach through a tube.

However, as there was no medical alcohol in the hospital, a medical registrar had to purchase a bottle of Johnnie Walker from a nearby liquor store.

This treatment – described as “unorthodox” – was detailed in Mr Duthie’s medical records, which he supplied to the Taranaki Daily News.

He was hospitalised for 10 days before his eyesight returned and he was discharged.

The report doesn’t say if he was given a stiff shot of scotch every day.

Maybe Alf should check this out, before he is sent there for treatment.

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