The police blundered, true, but P-making villain was poisoned in cave because of his own blunder

A preposterous headline appears on a Stuff story (here) this morning.

It says –

Cops’ mistake may have cost P-maker’s life

The headline writer would have been influenced by the no-less-preposterous opening sentence of the story –

A man who died from toxic fumes caused by the P-lab he had set up in a Coromandel cave would probably be alive today were it not for a police cock-up.

He would much more likely be alive today, of course, if he hadn’t gone into the cave with a fellow villain to make P.

The toxic fumes from the P manufacturing lark was clearly what did him in.

Remember what happened?

Stuff gives us the background at the same time as it virtually ignores the combination of caves, criminality and toxic fumes to focus on whatever some cops did or didn’t do a year ago.

The bodies of Grant Wyllie, 49, and Kerry Alexander Murphy, 40, were retrieved from an abandoned mine shaft near Whitianga on October 13.

The pair had set up a makeshift methamphetamine lab and it’s believed a petrol-powered generator caused them to die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

So the buggers merrily made P in the confined space of a cave with energy driven by a petrol-powered generator.

Most of the rest of us – it would be nice to think – have learned from the recent weekend incident in Auckland (here) to treat petrol-driven generators with great respect.

The two expired P makers weren’t with us long enough to have learned the same lesson.

But someone with enough knowledge of chemistry to be able to make P should have learned something about carbon monoxide poisoning.

Stuff then states the obvious –

Murphy should not have been there.

He shouldn’t have been there making P, at least, and even more obviously he shouldn’t have been using a petrol-driven generator to aid and abet him in this nefarious drug-manufacturing operation.

But that’s not what Stuff means when it says he should not have been there.

It is saying he should not have been there because the cops bungled his prosecution many months earlier.

The bizarre logic is that if the cops had not bungled the case, then …

Well, he would not have been in the cave when he died.

A year before his death, charges of possession of methamphetamine for supply and possession of equipment used to manufacture the Class A drug were thrown out of court.

Justice Allan granted the Sunday Star-Times access to a High Court file which shows Murphy was caught “red handed” with 1.67 kilograms of P – worth around $1.5 million – in his Morrinsville home in May, 2009.

However, “conscious recklessness” by police, who were eventually found to have misled the court, meant the evidence found during the warrantless search was unusable and Murphy was released.

Alf won’t tire you with details of what happened in a series of events harking back to February 2009, when a Constable John Grantham was given information by a police informant that someone in the Morrinsville area was selling drugs.

But he hereby records what the judge said when ruling key evidence as inadmissible.

“I regard the outcome without any satisfaction. There’s little doubt that the accused are major drug offenders. The general public is likely to view the result with some dismay but there are wider interests at stake.”

The Stuff report concludes much the same as it begins –

By September, 2011, the charges against Murphy and his two co-accused had been dropped and he was free to keep making meth – until his death.

Murphy was just as free – of course – to stop making meth.

After this brush with the law, he just might have considered himself lucky and decided to find something else to do to earn a buck.

Something that didn’t involve caves and toxic fumes.

4 Responses to The police blundered, true, but P-making villain was poisoned in cave because of his own blunder

  1. Peter says:

    The headline should have read “Cops’ mistake saves tax-payers $700,000”. Murphy was so into drugs he even called his daughter Crystal.

    • sue says:

      you dont know shit i name our daughter crystal and her name is after the gem so are you saying every kid that is called crystal are on drugs get a live. he was a good dad so dont judge someone you dont know.

    • shame on you you act like your better than everybody else the good thing about opinions is that you can keep them to youself this death affected lives people suffered from the loss he was loved by his children his mother his auntys uncles best freind brothers sister freinds life is not always black and white kerrys first job was at horotui in hamilton cutting up meat.he also helped his parents as i remember the age of 8 when he started milking cows then his parents gave him a mower to cut the hay at 13 as all the kids had there jobs and this was his ,he was a farm boy he met the mother of his kids at the age of 18 at this time they went down south to get away from extreme bullying where they lived for a year then on returning to the north island and moving into the family home life continued then him and his partner moved to whitianga at age 21 at the age of 23 they had their first child and the overwhelming pride and love and protectiveness that kerry felt for his daughter crystal when she was born was no different than any ather great father feels towards his child crystal was NOT named for drugs she was named by her parents for the special gem that she is crystal michelle murphy which is after her mums sister the deep love and pride in their first born child had helped in the naming of their daughter not the love of anything drug related not alcohol related not tequilla not any ather name but the name crystal pure and beautiful gem in the dark may you sparkle bright you belittle this childs name with your comments he has 6 kids crystal, jasmine, mathew ,and andrew jade and alex they had a good dad who loved and cared for them who was always there for them regardless of what you say he is the definition of a great dad always there always loving always forever he is missed every minute of every day longed for every second of every minute for every hour every 24hour of every day he was their future so many lives affected with his lost stregnth he displayed love he gave freely never anything more important than his children his family he always was there for his kids so many who loved him depended on counted on him he was a father a dad a loving wonderful person who never let his kids down do you have anyone in your famil ythat isnt quite the norm be it a distant cousin an old freind mayb even your sister a brother a mother why do you know his daughters name and why do you belittle it you comment on peoples lives with no thought to the affect it may have the loss that is theirs to endure you make them feel its not right to greive and every comment you make is your opinion and the great thing about opinions is that you can keep them to yourself please do. in the darkness you are my hope my light in the the cold wind my shelter my warmth your gone now but we love you no less we miss you like the winter misses the sun like the heart needs to beat like our lungs need the air your always in our hearts never from our minds forever we will miss you never from our hearts you are our father a son, brother ,nethew too, best freind,and uncle brother in ;law to a special few time can never change whats done is ALREADY DONE forever we will love you forever this is true, please when you make a statement theres more than what u know remember hearts and tears family freinds and kids theres so much more to every life more than what you know please dont pass judgement for you never really know whats in a statement whats an opinion who can cast the first stone
      SO SHAME ON YOU PETER you cast a mighty stone but youll never be loved like kerry was hes in my opinion better than YOU

  2. sue says:

    my kids could still have a dad if they did there job right we had 2 go see him 4 xmas at a cemetry would of been better to see him in jail you are a heart less person peter

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