Grub’s up, but support for Nats is down – so the PM shouldn’t be displaying his gross eating habits

Dunno what The Boss thought he was doing when he got up on stage to scoff a live cricket and a grub.

This generated great publicity for the Bear Grylls’ show.

It did nothing to enhance The Boss’s public image.

This Grylls feller is in New Zealand for two stage shows in which he recalls his experiences of survival in some of the world’s toughest environments.

But while he might have to eat grubs on occasion to survive, we National politicians depend for our survival on having a leader who doesn’t make a dick of himself by dining on bugs.

Dammit, we will be facing another general election in a couple of years and can’t afford to be offending the blue-rinse set and like-minded right-thinking citizens with delicate sensibilities because we have been tempted to take part in a publicity stunt.

Sure, John is reported (here) to be confident the New Zealand public will look to National in the next election, despite a recent surge of popularity for the Labour Party.

The media had cause to question him on the matter after –

A TVNZ Colmar-Brunton poll, the first poll since the party’s conference two weeks ago, showed Labour’s support had not been dented by the unsettling events of the last two weeks.

Labour has risen three percentage points to 35 per cent of the party vote, its highest level since last year’s general election.

With the support of the Greens, which rose one point to 13 per cent, Labour would hold 62 seats – enough to run Government were an election held today.

National slipped one point to 44 per cent, and would not hold enough seats even with the support of its coalition partners the Maori Party, Act, and United Future.

John has dismissed the results as a “natural recovery” from Labour.

“They were real historic lows. I mean they had a disastrous election in 2011 like we did in 2002 so they’re really getting that support back from New Zealand First and others,” he told TV One’s Breakfast.

He said the challenge for National was finding coalition partners in order to stay in Government.


Let’s suppose a new party was formed to protect crickets and grubs.

This new party is highly unlikely to want to support we Nats after learning (here) that –

Prime Minister John Key ate a live cricket to applause and cheers from the crowd at adventurer Bear Grylls’ show in Auckland last night.

Mr Key joined the Man vs Wild host and comedian Rhys Darby onstage at Vector Arena, where Grylls was delivering a two-hour stage show about his adventures across the world.

“You’ve got to crunch it,” Grylls said before all three ate the live bugs, to cheers and applause from the crowd.

The Boss also grabbed and ate a grub, before taking a sip of water.

Grabbed a grub?

What was he thinking of?

This ugly behaviour (a) implies John Key is not being well fed by his missus or the chefs at Bellamys; and (b) is sure to alienate the sorts of people who are more concerned about protecting wetas than generating employment on the West Coast.

True, those animal lovers are more likely to vote for the Greens than for we Nats, but Alf is fairly sure at least some of them will have given us their votes in the past.

So why piss them off by showing a cavalier disregard for the feelings and sensitivities of God’s smaller creatures?

And why project yourself as someone reduced to eating crickets and grubs for survival?


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