Yes, another tie for Christmas – but this one will enable its wearer to sip during debates

Forget about nectar ... try sipping your neck tie.

If the tie has been properly loaded, Alf can get loaded too…

Gotta say Alf has given Mrs Grumble a big clue to what he wants for Christmas.

Chances are she would have bought him another tie.

But Alf wanted this one…

It looks like a standard striped tie.

But as you will learn here, wearers of the FlaskTie can fill a hidden flask with half a pint of their favourite tipple.

And if you find yourself parched in a lengthy meeting, you can simply take the back part of the tie and sip from the well disguised nozzle.

And so…

The FlaskTie will have your unassuming employers fooled and the wearer will look smart and formal at the same time.

Alf would not have to hold the tie to drink from it.

That would leave his hands free to complete important tasks, like shuffle papers on his desk in Parliament so anyone who spots him on telly will think he is being busy.

And if eagle-eyed colleagues or members of the public happen to notice the same tie has gone unchanged for a week, well, the clever FlaskTie designers have provided for it to come in a range of fashionable colours.

It has been created by one Shawn Baxter, who also designed the PillowTie – a tie that office workers could blow up and use as a comfy pillow.

It is being sold by a company called Baxdo using the slogan, ‘The FlaskTie is a fashion statement of thirst quenching proportions.’

The Daily Mail has interviewed one Ray Couch, from AG Distribution Ltd in the UK, who sell the FlaskTie.

He sounds like a good bloke, because he said:

‘This is the only tie in the world which doubles as a flask, it’s completely unique.

‘The FlaskTie adds to the need of an every day object and is also a bit of a giggle at the same time.

‘We think British people are renowned for being big drinkers so adding an alcoholic connotation to something like a tie should go down really well.

It will go down well in Eketahuna, too.

When the locals tell Alf he tied one on last night…

Well, chances are they will be right.

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