Hear, hear – dismissal was appropriate after newborn kids were given bum tests

Now hear this...

Now hear this…

Alf couldn’t believe his ears, when Mrs Grumble read him a news item this morning.

It was about eight hearing-test screeners who had lost their jobs after more than 2000 newborns were not screened properly.

Wow. Heads rolling, eh?

Much too often we hear of outrageous things going on, but those responsible for the outrages are allowed to stay on in their jobs.

Not in this case (as we learn here ) –

Letters have been sent to parents of 2077 infants after problems emerged with the newborn hearing screening programme.

Irregularities in the programme were detected at six district health boards – Auckland, Lakes, Bay of Plenty, Waitemata, Canterbury and Hutt Valley.

A 10-month-old boy who had to be retested was found to have congenital hearing loss and was now receiving treatment.

Stuff tells us the programme screens about 55,000 newborns each year and expects to find one in 1000 with congenital hearing loss.

National Screening Unit group manager Jane McEntee is quoted as saying the national problem was picked up in Auckland.

“A baby was being screened and the parents said the baby had already had their hearing tested, but there were no results recorded in the system,” she said.

“That prompted staff to look into the issue and these irregularities were subsequently found.”

Retests occurred across six district health boards: Lakes (378 retests), Hutt Valley (176), Auckland (431), Canterbury (517), Bay of Plenty (542) and Waitemata (33).

Eight hearing screeners have lost their jobs, this McEntee sheila said, although the 10-month-old was the only baby who had a delayed diagnosis as a result of the “irregularities”.

We trust the screeners were given a fair hearing, before they were given their marching orders.

Otherwise they will turn up in front of the Employment Relations Authority.

And when you finish up before the authority….

Well, here’s an example of what can happen.

A woman who stole more than $20,000 from a rental car firm was allowed to keep her job so she could repay the money, only to be caught in further alleged fraud.

But the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) has found the company did not follow proper procedures in sacking Michal Tiller.

Co-director Edwin Chan said that the fraud almost destroyed his business and the ruling was very disappointing.

Alf’s good mate, Whale Oil, let loose on that decision (here) in a post headed

Time to Abolish the Employment Relations Authority

The post argued –

With decision after decision falling for dodgy employees who steal and abuse their employers trust it is time to abolish them. It must be filled with union sympathisers. Look at the latest case where a fraudster was allowed to keep their job, then stole again, then awarded lost wages. What a kick in the guts for the employer.

Couldn’t agree more.


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