The Mayans might have been right after all but Xmas 2012 needn’t be cancelled

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Uh, oh.

Just as the Grumbles thought they would live to see another Christmas, some tosser has popped up to tell ‘ em “sorry, but maybe not…”

The optimism came when 22 December turned up, and it became clear the Mayan-calendar apocalypse was bollocks.

But before Alf could get down to the Eketahuna Club to sink a few celebratory suds, another prediction has surfaced.

You can read about it here, if you have time, because Alf never was too sure if doomsday was to start when the sun hit this country, or whether he would have to wait until it arrived in whatever country was inhabited by Mayans.

The latest news item says –

Just two days after the much-anticipated end of the world failed to materialise, one historian has re-ignited the debate by claiming that Armageddon could come tomorrow instead.

The Daily Mail has noted how many apocalypse believers were left red-faced when the December 21 date they had publicly announced as the end went without incident. At least, not a catastrophic incident.

But Nikolai Grube, a leading expert in Mesoamerican advanced civilisations from the University of Bonn, believes interpretations of the Mayan calendar may actually be off by a few days.

So what’s up?

The original calculations were based on the Mayan long count calendar, which pin-pointed the end of the 13th baktun on December.

A baktun is equivalent to around 144,000 days or 394 years.

But Mr Grube says matching up our own present-day calendar with that of the Mayans is not an exact science and a deviation of a few days to Christmas Eve is plausible.

And then what will happen?

Well, at this juncture we get the good news from this Grube feller.

He also casts further doubt on there even being a Mayan prediction of an apocalypse at all.

He said several Mayan texts have been deciphered which mention days well beyond this Christmas.

Mr Grube told ABC News: ‘You find dates in Mayan texts that are thousands or millions of years into the future.’

There’s a not-so-good side to that, of course.

Being a fiscally prudent bloke – or a skinflint, the missus reckons – your hard-working MP had not bothered to buy Christmas presents for anyone.

Alf accordingly has just a few hours left for Christmas shopping, just in case he is still with us tomorrow.


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