We can rule out Kate delivering royal twins, but the gender of her sprog is a matter for wagering

Excitement is mounting in the Grumble household, as news drips through about our yet-to-be-born future monarch.

From London, we learn (here) that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby is due in July.

And from Christchurch (here), we learn that Britain’s Foreign Secretary is not privy to information about whether a future king or a future queen will pop out, when the gestation period has expired.

The Foreign Secretary, of course, is a bloke named Hague, and the headline writers have delighted in saying Hague is vague about the gender of the royal sprog.

But it’s fair to say the Daily Mail is a tad vague, too, about Kate’s condition. It says the Duchess of Cambridge, 31, is believed to be 13 to 14 weeks pregnant, and the confirmation of the birth month means it’s likely she’s had a 12-week scan.

More certainly, it reports there are no twins, tucked inside the royal womb.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby is due in July, St James’s Palace announced today.

Kate’s condition is also continuing to improve following her stay in hospital last month for severe pregnancy-related sickness, a spokesman for the couple said.

The 31-year-old Duchess is believed to be around 13 to 14 weeks pregnant and confirmation of the birth month means it is likely she has now had her 12-week scan.

And yes, the Daily Mail has gone to an authoritative person for quotes –

‘Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in July,’ a St James’s Palace spokesman said.

‘The Duchess’s condition continues to improve since her stay in hospital last month.’

The announcement was made at 11am today by St James’s Palace, the traditional time of day for royal announcements.

The update is also further confirmation that Kate is expecting just one baby – after speculation that she might be carrying twins.

What British Foreign Secretary William Hague knows and doesn’t know about the sprog is to be found at Stuff.

He says he does not know if the unborn baby is a boy or girl

…but either way he’d like to see the child as the King or Queen of New Zealand one day.

The Grumbles share that sentiment.

Hague is in New Zealand to meet political leaders and has been visiting Auckland and Christchurch.

This morning he answered questions in a live chat on Stuff.

Mrs Grumble grabbed the opportunity to ascertain what he knows about the contents of the royal womb.

Stuff duly reports –

One daring reader questioned Hague on the gender of the pending royal baby, which the Prince’s office today confirmed was due in July.

Hague said he did not have the inside word on the baby’s gender and would not guess as he was “not a betting man”.

“Well done asking me an impossible question,” he said.

Either way it seems Hague would support the baby being the sovereign of New Zealand.

Asked whether he supported New Zealand and Australia becoming republics, he said it was an issue for the countries themselves.

However he noted an Australian referendum a few years ago saw the majority vote against becoming a republic.

“Personally, you will not be surprised to hear that I am a 100 per cent supporter of the monarchy and during the Diamond Jubilee last year I felt very sorry for people who lived in mere republics,” he said.

Alf was not exactly indifferent to hearing about Kate’s foetus.

But he thought it proper he should ask about matters of state, and whether Britain was increasing its focus on the Asia Pacific region.

The answer is yes, it is.

“You can see that in the reinforcement of our diplomatic network around the region and the sharp increase in our ministerial visits.”

He said Britain was boosting its presence around the world, opening 20 embassies and consulates.

Dunno what would be happening at the Foreign Office if Murray McCully was Britain’s Foreign Secretary.

Alf supposes that on Murray’s watch the news would be of a swathe of embassies and consulates being closed.

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