So what good is provided by teacher registration? Sadly, well-behaved teachers is not on the list

Teachers are becoming as disreputable as Catholic priests.

Alf has spotted yet another of the buggers before the courts, this one admitting to making 20 secret intimate recordings after being seen filming up a girl’s skirt at a shopping mall.

Alas, we don’t know which teacher he is, because his name has been suppressed.

But his offending involves 17 victims, six of whom have been identified by the video footage found by the police.

According to Stuff (here) –

He admitted the charges in the Christchurch District Court today.

The recordings were made over several months last year.

The man used a pen camera – which looks like a normal pen – to covertly film under the skirts of girls at his home, place of work, and in public places.

Pens nowadays are capable of all sorts of tricks.

This one enables the user to load footage from the pen into a computer through the USB connection.

This is beyond Alf’s technological know-how, alas, so he will have to wait for one of the grand-kids to turn up and explain things.

But this teachers feller over five months viewed or attempted to view videos on his work laptop computer from the pen camera more than 400 times.

He has been allowed continued interim name suppression until the suppression issue can be fully argued at a hearing on February 15.

The suppression order seems to be as welcome to at least one of the victims as it doubtless is to the offender.

Defence counsel Bryan Green argued that a letter from one of the victims’ families sought the continued suppression because publication might mean that the child involved would have to be told.

Judge David Holderness imposed suppression that limits reporting of the offence locations to “Christchurch and surrounding areas” in the period from June 15 to November 17.

The judge remanded the tosser on bail to April 18 for a pre-sentence report and sentencing and has ordered an assessment of his suitability for home detention.

The kids at thius bloke’s school – especially the sheilas – will be mortified when they learn what their teacher has been up to while teaching them that the pen is mightier than the sword, and all that carry-on.

He doubtless is a registered teacher, of course.

And yet again, the alleged benefits of having only registered teachers in classrooms is exposed as bollocks.

Whatever the benefits, good behaviour is not on the list.


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