Throwing up Trevor Mallard as a candidate means David Carter is a shoo-in to become Mr Speaker

Well, that’s gotta be a thoroughly untempting proposition.

The Labour Party has said it will nominate Trevor Mallard to be Speaker of the House.

They know the bid will fail.

The chances of failure became that much greater when Mallard became their choice.

Radio NZ affirmed the rumour that had reached Alf here

Labour Party leader David Shearer said on Thursday afternoon that the Hutt South MP would be a very good Speaker despite having been kicked out of Parliament several times, because he is fair and takes the role of Parliament seriously.

However Government still has the numbers to ensure its nominee, former minister David Carter, is elected.

Alf has been told the New Zealand First and Green parties have said they will vote against Alf’s mate David.

But they might just as well try voting for the tide not to go out at nearby Orientl Bay.

And after David has been elected (he can count on Alf’s vote) will be sworn in by Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae at 4pm.

All this carry-on results from the need to replace Lockwood Smith who is to become New Zealand’s High Commissioner in London.

Alf will get a new back-bench mate, too.

Dr Smith is expected to take up his role in March, and his departure will mean the next person on National’s list will enter Parliament.

That will be Aaron Gilmore, who narrowly missed out on getting into Parliament at the 2011 election.

Gotta say blokes with names like Aaron are best given a wide berth, normally, but this Aaron is a Nat and will treated accordingly.

Dunno if the bugger enjoys a nip of whisky, but Alf will soon find out.

He always has a good supply in his hip flask and – just to be welcoming – is prepared to share some with our new MP.

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