If Siouxsie doesn’t like this post – well, maybe she should get her lawyer to sioux

So what's wrong with Suzie?

So what’s wrong with being named Suzie?

Ele, at Homepaddock, is taking things much too seriously.

Without a hint of “where the fuck did she get that name?”, Ele (here) has highlighted some research that reveals what is killing us.

Drinking whisky, it is gratifying to learn, is not on the list.

Let there be no misunderstandings: serious stuff is being talked about.

It started at Sciblogs a few weeks ago (here) with a post headed

What do Kiwis die of?

This recorded the findings from a study of Ministry of Health figures on the primary causes of death for the 29,204 people who died in New Zealand in 2009.

Further, to see if people’s perceptions tallied up with reality, the researchers took to social media and asked people what they thought were the biggest killers and what they were likely to die of.

They found many thought they would die of ‘old age’.

Sadly this is not recognised as a cause of death by the Ministry of Health!

On the other hand,

31% of those surveyed thought they would die of conditions like angina, heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure, which are classed as ‘circulatory diseases’. And they are probably right, because in 2009 circulatory diseases were New Zealand’s biggest killer, responsible for 35.5% of deaths (10,372 people).

71.8% of our survey participants underestimated the number of cancer deaths in New Zealand, although 22% of them thought that cancer would be the cause of their demise. In fact, cancer is the second largest killer, responsible for 29.1% of deaths (8,500 people) in 2009. Interestingly, 66% of those surveyed did not know that cancers of the digestive system are the most frequent cause of cancer deaths in New Zealand, though they recognised lung cancer is one of the biggest killers.

And so on…

A follow-up post (which attracted Ele’s attention today) says –

Its striking that more men die of prostate cancer than women die of ovarian, and twice as many men than women die from cancer of the bladder and kidney. But lots more women die of cerebrovascular diseases, that is strokes and brain haemorrhages, and dementia. . .

Ele quite rightly regards this as important information for health policy, raising the question: is the money spent on education, prevention and treatment going where the need is greatest?

But Alf is bound to say another big question is raised.

He raised it earlier in this post, and he repeats it here:

Where the fuck did the author of those Sciblogs posts get her absurd name?

The name is Siouxsie Wiles.

And it’s real, because Mrs Grumble checked it out here.

Dunno about the hair colour being real.

Perhaps it is, because anyone who called their daughter Siouxsie was bound to be somewhat different than the rest of us genetically.

Just as surely, a lass lumbered with the name Siouxsie was bound to get into a career in keeping with a cumbersome name.

Sure enough –

Siouxsie Wiles has made a career of combining her twin passions of bioluminescence (think glow worms and fireflies) and infectious diseases.

And so she

…relocated to Auckland in 2009, where she heads the Bioluminescent Superbugs Group in the School of Medical Sciences.

Wonder if she reads comic books.

Betcha she does and her favourite is Siouxperman.

3 Responses to If Siouxsie doesn’t like this post – well, maybe she should get her lawyer to sioux

  1. Siouxsie says:

    Hi Alf

    I’m named after late 70’s UK punk icon Siouxsie Sioux (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siouxsie_and_the_Banshees).

    And for the record my favourite cartoon character is Poison Ivy.

    I assume you are named after Alf Garnett?

    All the best,


    • Alf Grumble says:

      0 a nz025

      Nice guess, Siouxsie. But no. The much-admired and oh-so-hard-working member for Eketahuna North had been told once he came from royal stock (albeit a branch that had become somewhat blighted over the centuries) and was named after his famous ancestor, Alfred the Great. It turns out this was bollocks, and Alf was actually named after his dad’s favourite tipple. King Alfred whisky.

  2. […] writes ‘Alf Grumble’ on his blog today. Normally if people know how to pronounce my name, it tells me a little something of their misspent […]

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