When you’ve got mates like this – well, as a teenager found it could cost you your life

The cops are looking for someone – they reckon they know who this someone is – who (on the evidence available to Alf) is loathsome as well as larcenous.

These observations are made on the strength of a report here.

It tells us of a car being stolen and of the driver fleeing the scene when it crashed.

We also know – or rather, we can work it out – that by fleeing he abandoned a dying teenager who we may suppose was a mate or accomplice.

A 15-year-old boy has died following a crash after a fleeing driver in a stolen vehicle tried to evade police at speed in Christchurch about 12.30am today.

Christchurch City Commander Superintendent Andy McGregor said the vehicle, carrying four occupants, had earlier been reported stolen.

A police dog handler went to stop the vehicle, which drove off at speed through New Brighton and Linwood. The officer started a pursuit with his lights and siren going.

“Despite the officer’s attempts to get the offending vehicle to stop, it carried on at speed through a 50km/h area, and on the wrong side of the road, before the pursuit was abandoned after about three-to-four minutes,” Mr McGregor said.

The Herald report says the vehicle was estimated to have reached speeds of up to 90km/h in a 50 km/h zone.

It later crashed after failing to take a series of bends near sewerage ponds in Dyers Rd, Linwood.

The teenager died shortly after the crash.

Police had established the identity of the driver and were looking for him. The two remaining passengers were assisting officers, Mr McGregor said.

Sigh. When will these tossers ever learn.

But their antics keep the Independent Police Conduct Authority busy. It has been advised of the incident and doubtless will feel obliged to investigate.


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