Yep, it’s a bloody big bore – but bigger ones can be found on the Opposition benches

The headline here$54m boring machine purchased for Waterview Connection – got Alf to doing some creative thinking.

He checked out what the machine looked like.

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Then he checked out the Herald story for a few details.

For example, it’s a $54 million boring machine and it has been purchased to drill the tunnel for the Waterview Connection in Auckland.

It has passed tests in China and is expected to arrive here in July.

Transport Agency northern highways manager Tommy Parker says the machine is an underground factory, which will drive the tunnel forward.

Mr Parker says it has been designed to dig down 30 metres then drill and blast through a 15 metre-thick layer of very hard volcanic rock.

He says the machine is the 10th biggest in the world of its type and is 15 metres tall and over 100 metres long.

Alf then mused on the possibility that maybe we didn’t have to go to China to find a big bore.

When it comes to bores – well, check out the Opposition benches, next time you happen to be tuned into a live telecast of a Parliamentary sitting.

Alf sits on the other side from the MPs on those benches.

He is firmly of the view that each of them is eligible to be branded “bloody big bore”. Any complaints about mislabelling under the Fair Trading Act would be laughed out of court.

Some of them – no names, because it might inflate their egos – would be in the running for a gold medal at the next world bore championships.

Round ’em all up and put them to work on the Waterview project, and the job would be done in next to no time.

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