Vexatious litigant is best kept inside for life, although disposing him as a turd would be okay

His only way out should be through this...

His only way out should be through this…

Stuff regales us (here) with news of one of this country’s more loathsome individuals.

On a scale of one-to-10 for being reprehensible (10 being the measure of the vilest sleaze) this bloke would score 13 and maybe more.

His name – lest our authorities make the mistake of letting him out one day, opening the prospect of Alf’s innocent constituents bumping into him – is Nicholas Paul Alfred Reekie.

Nicholas Paul Alfred Reekie, 42, is in jail on preventive detention with a minimum term of 25 years for a string of violent sexual offences.

This includes raping an 11-year-old girl in 1992 – a crime for which David Dougherty was wrongly jailed for more than three years before being acquitted at a re-trial.

As you can tell from those two sentences, he is not one of life’s more attractive creatures.

He has compounded his unattractiveness by become a serial filer of vexatious complaints.

A prisoner who filed a new formal complaint almost every day, tying up Corrections Department resources, has been dubbed one of the country’s most difficult prison inmates.


Reekie regularly re-appears in court as he mounts law suits against the Corrections Department.

In his latest outing he was chasing more than $10,000 in compensation for a string of grievances against prison services.

In a decision handed down last week, Justice Rodney Hansen agreed Reekie had been badly handled by Corrections, but he still threw the claim out and gave Reekie nothing.

Great decision, although anything Corrections did to this bloke would be badly handled unless it culminated in his demise.

Many of Reekie’s latest gripes came from a six-month transfer to Spring Hill in the north Waikato from Auckland Prison. He complained he had not been informed of the shift beforehand or had the reasons explained to him.

He filed 170 complaints – nearly one a day – while there.

The judge agreed with Reekie that the prison shift had been “badly handled” by Corrections.

However, he did not accept it was unlawful.

“Spring Hill was seen to provide opportunities for him. These included employment and outside activities which would help to de-institutionalise him,” Justice Hansen said.

But this bugger won’t be de-institutionalised, humanised, or civilized.

The court apparently was told that in just over one week Reekie racked up four charges for misconduct, including threatening other inmates.

He smeared faeces over one prisoner’s cell window and told another “he looked like an 11-year-old boy and he would love to rape him”.

He was sentenced to 11 days’ cell confinement and 25 days without privileges. He disputed the validity of the charges.

Justice Hansen upheld the prison’s actions to punish him.

“It seems when he chooses to be, Mr Reekie can be an extraordinarily demanding prisoner who presents special challenges to prison management,” the judge said.

Stuff gives us an idea of his record –

Reekie was jailed in 2003 for his latest crimes.

He had previously been jailed for abducting two children.

Within three weeks of his release he raped a 69-year-old woman and a month later he raped a 23-year-old woman.

In short, it would be difficult to distinguish the faeces smeared on a cell window from the animal who smeared it.

He is a 100% shit.

He should be disposed of accordingly.


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