Yemeni murderer and sodomist miscalculated, if he thought the Saudis had run out of swordsmen

Not too long ago the authorities in Saudi Arabia were considering dropping public beheadings as a method of execution (see here) because of a shortage of government swordsmen.

But they must have found someone to keep up the good work, as we learn today from the Daily Mail (see here.)

A bloke by name of Mohammed Rashad Khairi Hussain got it in the neck after being convicted of murder and sodomy. The victim was a Pakistani national, Pashteh Sayed Khan.

The kingdom’s interior ministry announced the execution, stating that the man had murdered and sodomised another male. Both actions are punishable by death.

‘The Yemeni citizen Mohammed Rashad Khairi Hussain killed a Pakistani, Pashteh Sayed Khan, after he committed sodomy with him,’ said a statement carried by state news agency SPA.

Hussain was also convicted of robbery and carrying out a series of attacks.

The story has an Easter touch to it, because the Saudis crucified the murderer’s body.

The execution, in the southern city of Jizan, was followed by crucifixion, a punishment used by the ultra-conservative country for serious crimes.

The Daily Mail reminds us that Saudi Arabia has been criticised in the international community for its harsh punishments, including executions by beheading and firing squad.

Whether it would be less harsh to be put to death by lethal injection or in a gas chamber, as happens in the good old USA, is open to question.

But the swordsmen obviously have been kept busy, because 28 people have been beheaded in Saudi Arabia this year.

Last year, 76 people were executed, according to an AFP tally based on official figures, although the US-based Human Rights Watch put the number at 69.

The lesson, of course, is to give Saudi Arabia a wide berth if you are prone to murdering, sodomising, robbing, and so on.

Alf gets the firm impression, moreover, that this is not a country that would take kindly to proposals to introduce same-sex marriage.

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