The NHS gave Thatcher hater bigger boobs and Maggie’s housing policy boosted her bank balance

The Daily Mail has done a nice job on Romany Blythe, an unpleasant Pommy sheila – a bloody teacher, too – who held a death party and encouraged revellers to ‘piss on her grave’.

It seems the NHS did a job on her too, giving her bigger boobs while – it would seem – leaving her heartless, brainless or both.

The grave upon which the charmless Ms Blythe urged revellers to piss, of course, was that of Margaret Thatcher. Baroness Thatcher. Great British Prime Minister.

Ms Blythe is reported to have sparked outrage by creating an internet page called: ‘The witch is dead.’

On it she urged more than 5,000 people to attend a death party in central London on Monday.

But as the Daily Mail points out (here), the aforementioned Romany Blythe did nicely, thank you, from policies promoted by Dame Margaret.

The newspaper’s findings suggest she either is a monstrous ingrate or hasn’t been able to do the sums that showed the extent to which she prospered.

This suggests she should not be allowed to teach ethics and/or maths, or anything much.

The newspaper says –

The teacher who organised vile Thatcher ‘death parties’ and compared the Baroness to Hitler, bought her council house using the Iron Lady’s right-to-buy scheme and then doubled her money, it was revealed today.

Romany Blythe, 45, made £150,0000 when she sold her North London home four years after buying it off the local authority in Islington.

Lady Thatcher wanted to increase house ownership in the 1980s after she came to power, so she let council property residents snap them up for bargain prices from local authorities.

And it appears that extreme anti-Thatcherite Miss Blythe used the scheme to make a huge sum of cash.

The Daily Mail tells us Miss Blythe, of Worthing, West Sussex, bought the leasehold of a flat in a pretty Victorian townhouse from Islington Council for £141,000. in 2006

Just four years later she sold the North London property for £298,000. If she had sold it within three years she would have had to repay some cash to the council.

The Mail then regales us with some of the teacher’s rabble-rousing.

Speaking next to a burning effigy of the former Prime Minister at a demo last weekend in Trafalgar Sqaure, she said: ‘The council houses were sold, what a wonderful thing to be able to own your own home and I have no problem with poorer people being able to buy their own home but that money went straight to central government.

‘It wasn’t used to build more council houses for people for affordable rents. Teachers have to come in to work from miles away. People can’t afford to live in central London.’

She added: ‘I think Thatcher was a despot. She was cold, calculating and she knew exactly what she was doing.

‘I don’t care about Thatcher, I didn’t care about her dying, I don’t care about celebrating her death. I care about the issues and I care about being able to mark that.

‘I am not interested in celebrating someone’s death, I am interested that there is a whitewash of who she was, and that she is not made out to be some wonderful woman.

‘History does not forget’

As if that wasn’t enough, the malevolent Ms Blythe called Lady Thatcher a despot and said: ‘They danced in the streets when Hitler died, too’.

Then we learn the 45-year-old was given breast implants on the NHS because she complained of low self-esteem.

But her hostility to Baroness Thatcher rules her out as a bosom friend of Alf.

As for her command of ethics and/or maths, it transpires she specialises in teaching troubled children.

Poor buggers are apt to be even more troubled after a few classes with her, if her own recent behaviour is any indication.

One Response to The NHS gave Thatcher hater bigger boobs and Maggie’s housing policy boosted her bank balance

  1. If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.
    -Mark Twain

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