Nobody had to find who flung dung at the royals because Sam was nabbed before he could fling it

Alf was riled more than once by the same bit of news (here) about a tosser – well, he was almost a tosser, because he didn’t quite get around to throwing a bucket of horse manure at the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall during their tour of New Zealand.

First, it is galling that anybody would want to toss horse manure at the Prince and his missus, or throw anything at them or do them harm in any way.

Second, it it galling he was fined $200.

That’s pathetic.

In the good old days this bloke would have been despatched to the Tower, where an axeman would have ensured he no longer posed a menace to the royals or anybody else.

The bloke in question was one Sam Bracanov, aged 76, and therefore old enough to know better.

But his name suggests something unfortunately non-British about his heritage, which perhaps explains his uncivilized behaviour.

A Slav perhaps – it was one of them, remember, who sparked World War One by showing a deplorable lack of respect towards an Austrian duke, or arch-duke.

Anyway, this Sam Bracanov defended his actions at a hearing in the Auckland District court where he faced a charge of preparing to commit a crime against Prince Charles and Camilla in November.

And yes, here comes confirmation that he was seriously lacking in Britishness.

The Yugoslav-born protestor claimed he was not guilty of any offences and that it was Prince Charles who “committed the crime, stealing money from people”.

Prince Charles a criminal?

Sam deserved being sent to The Tower for that monstrous slander for starters.

Bracanov was arrested on Auckland’s Queen St on November 12 after security cameras allegedly showed him with a bucket of manure in the area of the city where the royals were later due to meet members of the public.

A wonderful thing, those cameras.

We should have them all over the country.

Judge Anne Kiernan found Bracanov guilty and – as we recorded earlier – then went soft and fined the pensioner $200 and ordered he pay court costs of $132.89.


4 Responses to Nobody had to find who flung dung at the royals because Sam was nabbed before he could fling it

  1. myrlock says:

    Prince Charles will never be charged with adultery?

  2. Gravedodger says:

    The dumbarse muslims stone adulterers, they dont throw shit at them.

  3. david says:

    deport him

    • Alf Grumble says:

      Alf could go along with deportation, if we are talking about deporting the horse-shit hoodlum, but where to? One of the Muslim countries, ideally, with documentation that says he has blasphemed against the Prophet. That would be as good as a beheading.

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