Peter Dunne persists with denying he has done any leaking – but he has exposed himself as a drip

June 7, 2013

Damn. Why did it have to be Peter Dunne?

Let there be no misunderstanding here. It’s not a matter of having much regard for Dunne. For starters, anyone who prefers to sport a bow tie rather than a proper tie (preferably with a Windsor knot) is apt to earn a place in Alf’s bad books for sartorial bad-taste reasons.

But the resignation of this fellow opens the one ministerial spot that is best given a wide berth. Revenue. Ugh!

Have you had a hard look at the sorts of things that come into the bailiwick of, and therefore must be absorbed by, the Minister of Revenue? It’s sheer tedium. Dunne was just the sort of bloke who could smile and say it’s a fun job.

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Robber with a booze problem who broke the bones of a pensioner at last gets the jail he deserves

June 6, 2013

Judge Philippa Cunningham has been given a lesson in how to deal with thugs by the Court of Appeal.

She went soft on a felon, taking into account his problem with booze and – ha – his claim to be remorseful, even though he refused to be involved in a restorative justice process.

The plonker in this case stole the life savings of a slightly built 82-year-old, leaving her with broken bones in the attack on her.

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Sharples and Co can’t see the awful truth that Maori are voting by avoiding the Maori roll

June 5, 2013

Dunno what the problem is.

No matter how hard one tries, it is hard to find.

The Maori Party is banging on about it and demanding remedies, regardless.

It says it is concerned by the low numbers of Maori taking up the opportunity to switch from the General roll to the Maori roll and it is urging Maori voters to stand up for Maori representation and their Maori seats.

The notion that Maori voters might be perfectly content being on the General roll and – in Alf’s neck of the woods, anyway – able to vote for splendid Nats like him appears to have escaped them.

This demonstrates what an ethnocentric bunch they are.

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Poorly tailored Greens’ plan for impoverished kids has forgotten the threads and treads

June 2, 2013


Alf is damned glad he doesn’t belong to a party which serves up vegan food at its conferences and declares them to be a fragrance-free affair.

This, it seems, means party members are expected to eschew deodorants and perfumes, and so on, which in turn means those who turn up are exposed to the pong of the raw body odours of delegates who are apt to be sparing with the use of soap.

Because Alf would avoid such occasions, the Greens have been denied his advice on how to improve their education policy.

That policy was announced today, as you can find here.

The Greens want to install nurses in every low decile primary and intermediate school to tackle poverty-related illness.

Great. But it doesn’t go far enough.

A doctor should be part of the package.

And a dentist.

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