Authority in Tauranga is sheared – and the buggers who live there haven’t felt a disquieting chill

Uh, oh.

Some softies in our government have buckled yet again to pressure from our indigenous brothers and sisters for a co-governance deal.

In other words, governmental authorities accountable to the public will surrender half their rights and powers to a non-elected group of Maori.

The word being bandied around is “sharing”.

It should be “shearing”, as in cutting. Or lopping.

A report on the latest craven surrender can be found here.

Three Tauranga iwi are teaming up with local authorities and the Crown to establish a co-governance framework for the Harbour and catchment.

It’s part of negotiations for a deed of settlement for the Tauranga Moana Iwi Collective, which includes Ngai Te Rangi, Ngati Ranginui and Ngati Pukenga.

Te Moana o Tauranga, as a collective, wanted the opportunity to have its relationship with Te Moana o Tauranga recognised and supported through the framework.

Some bloke called Charlie Tawhiao, from Ngai Te Rangi, told Radio NZ the framework presumes the harbour is in better need of care and attention.

He also said this is not just of interest to iwi but to others in the community, including commercial companies like the port.

How splendidly generous of him.

He says the framework will mean iwi will have an equal say in future decisions affecting the health of the Harbour as well as present day decisions to improve and enhance the Harbour.

Mr Tawhiao says the Tauranga Moana Governance Group will consist of four iwi representatives and four Crown and local authority representatives.

And this will be “equal” – how exactly?

Oh, yes. Half-half.

Half Crown, half iwi.

Something to do with the Treaty.

And hey – so far as Alf can tell, there hasn’t been a squawk of protest from the good people of Tauranga about this substantial revision of the constitutional arrangements that govern their patch of the country.

That doesn’t make this a good deal.

It does make the good people of Tauranga a bunch of muppets.

Just as it has done in every other bit of the country where co-governance deals have been set up without much of a murmur from The Public.


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