Which Dakta? Oh, yes – the one who is running for mayor of the Ruapehu District

A bloke with the curious name of Dakta Green has taken up the cause of the Ruapehu District people against The Lines Company.

This Green feller can’t blame his parents for lumbering him with a silly moniker. He changed it to that himself, as Alf understands it.

And despite the obvious handicap this imposes, he is running for mayor. Railing against the power supplier’s pricing policies is part of his pitch for votes.

Today he issued a media statement, thereby alerting Alf (a) to his existence and (b) to his ambition.

“We as a community must stand up to the rapacious and monopolistic Lines Company which has been holding the local people to ransom,” Dakta said.

“The Lines Company’s pricing policies are strangling our district’s economy to the point of oblivion.”

If he becomes mayor, he will appoint a mayoral commission of inquiry into the socio-economic impact of power company’s policies on the Ruapehu community.

“The inquiry will allow residents and ratepayers the opportunity to present evidence supporting our district’s demand that the lines be returned to our control.”

It transpires that Dakta Green has been away from the district for a while.

More than four decades, actually.

After 42 years, Dakta Green returned to the Ruapehu District and was saddened to find the population of his childhood home town, Taumarunui, had halved in his absence.

Empty shops, abandoned homes and a general sense of decay in the community showed a rural economy in serious trouble.

So what should we make of this?

Maybe if Dakta Green had stayed in Taumaranui, he could have made a sterling effort to halt the population decline.

But rather than consider his own fecundity a factor in what has happened, he is blaming the bloody power company.

He says he has acquired a large commercial property in Taumarunui for some unspecified non-profit enterprise.

And like many other people in the community, he says, he soon found himself embroiled in an altercation with The Lines Company.

The answer became clear, the major impediment to economic growth in our district is the suffocating grip of our ‘evil overlord,’ The Lines Company. In many cases the families in our district have to make a choice between electricity supply and food on the table, that is not a choice that anybody should be forced to make in a civilised society such as ours.

At this point in the statement, we learn that Dakta Green “is well known for his campaign to re-legalise Cannabis”.

He was previously known as Ken Morgan, apparently, but in 2009 he changed his name by deed poll.

He tells of campaigning for a variety of issues and mentions the campaign for Saturday trading and launching New Zealand’s first casino, built on a ship which sailed in international waters.

He also says in his statement –

Dakta Green continues to protest against cannabis laws prohibiting the use of cannabis as a medicine or for recreational purposes and objects to the onerous regulations applying to the cultivation of hemp. Dakta is currently involved in turning the old AFFCO freezing works in Taumarunui into a green, alternative energy cafe and education centre about cannabis and hemp, called the Daktory, and plans are being prepared for a national processing centre for industrial hemp.

As a long standing, successful campaigner on a number of issues, Dakta Green said today “I am the right person to lead this community in our campaign to take back our lines.”

One small matter that seems to have been overlooked in the statement is the time he has spent banged up at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

Correction. Unless there is another bloke called Dakta Green somewhere on this planet, there is a fair chance this Dakta Green has served a bit of jail time.

Mrs Grumble’s research established:

Dakta Green, formerly Ken Morgan (born 1950, in Wellington)[1] is a New Zealand cannabis law reform activist and political candidate.[2] He changed his name by deed poll in 2008. He is the Activism co-ordinator for NORML New Zealand, the driver of Mary Jane the Cannabus, and founder of The Daktory.[3] He was a candidate for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party in the Mount Albert by-election, 2009.

He was jailed for one year in Chester County Prison in the United States in 1999, and for two years and eight months in New Zealand prisons from November 2002.[1] On 29 June 2011 he was sentenced in the Auckland District Court to 8 months in prison, for various cannabis related charges. Dakta Green rejected the judge’s offer of home detention, instead he opted for jail time, claiming that his conviction was down to “politics”.[4]

On 26 September 2011, the Solicitor General appealed the sentence of 8 months in prison[5] and the Court of Appeal almost tripled the sentence to 23 months in prison.[6]

Maybe it was down to politics.

Dakta Green was to have been the New Lynn political candidate for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party at the general election, 2011. Or so he says.

On the other hand, as you can see here, he seems to have a knack for pissing of the authorities.

A Rimutaka Prison inmate has argued in New Zealand’s highest court that he is in jail unlawfully.

His landmark case, if successful, could force the release of many prisoners and spark compensation claims.

Kenneth Christopher Morgan had no lawyer and represented himself before a full bench of five judges at the Supreme Court in Wellington yesterday, flanked by a prison officer to his left and two gowned Crown lawyers to his right.

Lawyers told the Herald that if his case succeeded, the Corrections Department would have to look at who else should be immediately released from jail, and prepare itself for lawsuits seeking compensation for unlawful imprisonment.

Dunno what the outcome was.

But when Stuff was reporting on New Zealand’s first cannabis club, the Daktory, last year, it said the Daktory was opened in November 2008.

It boasted a membership of several thousand before its founder Dakta Green was jailed for eight months for possessing, selling and for allowing the Delta Ave warehouse to be used for drug taking in June 2011.

The Solicitor-General later appealed the 61-year-old’s sentence and it was more than doubled to 23 months.

At that time Dakta Green was expected to be released from jail in June 2012.

Of course, it could be well be the earth is inhabited by lots of blokes called Dakta Green, and the one running for mayor has never been near a jail and is simply flirting with our law authorities by declaring his position on cannabis.

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