Snow news would be good news, but only if Alf was back home and trapped at his favourite club

Dunno why it couldn’t have happened to Alf (but please, Lord, not not today).

He is commenting, of course, on news that poor visibility and wind has trapped hundreds of college students on Mt Hutt.

A group of about 240 students on the annual Mount Hutt College ski trip will probably be spending the night on the mountain, with the access road closed since late this morning.

After waiting on buses for about an hour, the group is now hunkering down in the cafe on the mountain waiting to see if the storm blows over.

Mt Hutt has also reported a small number of other skiers stuck on the mountain.

As rain, wind, hail, sleet and snow falls in Methven this afternoon, according to the report Alf has been reading, parents are fielding texts and phone calls from their teenagers on the skifield.

“I’m pretty sure we are staying the night,” one student said

This is the sort of situation Alf could welcome.

But not today, because he is in Wellington – the House is sitting.

No, but tomorrow would be okay.

By then he will be back in Eketahuna, and all going well – these things are weather-dependent – he will be nestling down in the Eketahuna Club about this time tomorrow afternoon.

It remains for the weather to do him a favour, deliver lots of rain, wind, hail, sleet and snow, and trap him and his mates in the club.

It will be tough – but Alf is made of stern stuff.

He reckons he could endure the privations of a night or two in the club without any complaint, so long as he could phone home to Mrs Grumble to ensure she was okay.

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