Indian lawyer gets heated about pre-marital sex – but his daughter would get hotter if she strayed

Alf – like most fathers – kept a close eye on his daughter through her teenage years, and maybe for several years after that.

In those days dads were fussy about who was squiring their daughters, where they went and when it was they went there.

Modern dads – mums, too – seem dismayingly indifferent to their daughters’ whereabouts and behaviour.

Thus we have the spectacle of these drunken creatures teetering, spewing and collapsing around areas like Wellington’s Courtenay Place.

Maybe we should pack them off to India, although Alf must confess he finds attitudes there even more conservative than his own.

Evidence of their tough stance on loose behaviour by young women comes from the Indian lawyer for two of the four Delhi gang rapists sentenced to hang last week.

He has criticised the victim’s parents for allowing her to go out at night with a boy.

Good on him.

But he became somewhat extreme when he then claimed he would have “burnt her alive” if she had been his daughter.

Alf’s constituents will recall reading that the victim, a 23-year-old physiotherapy student, was attacked by five men and a juvenile on a bus she boarded with her boyfriend.

The couple were on their way home from a popular Delhi shopping mall on December 16 last year.

Dunno what time it was. This could be a material consideration in terms of acceptability to a conservative dad like Alf.

What happened next was outrageous.

She was gang-raped and attacked with an iron rod. She died two weeks later in hospital.

Hanging is too good for these louts.

But the lawyer who acted for some of them has other views on who was the guilty party.

AP Singh, a defence lawyer who represented two of the convicts, claimed she had had premarital sex and said: “If my daughter was having premarital sex and moving around at night with her boyfriend, I would have burnt her alive. All parents should adopt such an attitude.”

Having her alive and in good health, albeit no longer chaste and maybe up the duff, seems more civilized to Alf.

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