Ah – now we know (and so does Len Brown) what happens when a mistress’s world falls apart

Gotta say it’s fascinating to learn what impulses kick in, when you lose an election.

This has never happened to your hard-working member for Eketahuna North, of course. It is a measure of his popularity and the voting public’s huge regard for him that he has galloped home by the proverbial country mile every time his name has been on a ballot paper.

The Labour sheila who stood against him at the last election perhaps had no expectation of winning. Hence her world did not fall apart when the inevitable happened and she was soundly defeated.

Not so in the case of the sheila at the centre of the Len Brown sex scandal.

Bevan Chuang obviously thought she would win a place on some community board in Auckland and hoped John Palino would beat Len Brown for the Auckland mayoralty.

When she and he fell short of mustering the required number of votes…

Well, she fell apart. Or her world did. Or something.

And then she became susceptible to pressure to let the world know about her romp with Len.

Here’s what the NZ Herald has to say about it today:

The 32-year-old was herself standing as a candidate in the Auckland local body elections on a right-leaning ticket and provided the evidence only when her world began “falling apart” on Sunday, when she failed to be elected by 211 votes.

“I narrowly lost the local board seat and Palino lost too, and … [that] just increased the pressure about exposing the affair,” she said.

“I was under immense pressure … I have tried to reach out to Len for help, but I have not heard anything. The pressure … [was] simply too much to handle.”

But here’s the thing.

This somewhat confused young lady has been sleeping around on both sides of the right-left ideological divide, which is a dangerous thing to do unless she has had her tubes tied or something, because there is always the risk of falling pregnant, and aiding and abetting in the spawning of left-wing children makes a seriously negative contribution to the human gene pool.

She has underscored her confused condition by saying she felt pressured to reveal the affair with Mayor Len by a member of John Palino’s election team.

Whether pressured or otherwise, this means she agreed to fess up to indulging in hanky-panky with a left-leaning politician.

This can only reinforce the good judgement of the people of Auckland who did not vote for her and impress on we Nats that she should be considered highly unsuitable as a candidate for our centre-right party on future occasions – or at least, until somehow she can redeem herself.

This perhaps helps explain why she now says she sorry she went public.

Let’s read some more.

Bevan Chuang told the Herald she entered an intimate relationship with Luigi Wewege, a member of Mr Palino’s failed campaign team, who wanted her to expose the mayor’s infidelity when he found out about the affair.

“Luigi started pursuing non-stop about how I should tell on Len,” Ms Chuang said. “I was asked to record phone calls because that’s when Len would say all the dirty stuff.”

She says Mr Wewege wanted to publish the allegations on the Whale Oil blogsite, run by Cameron Slater, to ruin Mr Brown’s reputation before the election but she refused to swear an affidavit and produce text messages to corroborate her story.

And so Auckland now has Len as its Mayor and this Luigi feller is furiously denying he has been in a relationship with her.

But Ms Chuang later supplied the Herald with explicit messages the pair exchanged on Facebook to back up her claims of a relationship.

The messages indicate they had a sexual relationship and Mr Wewege put pressure on Ms Chuang to gather evidence against Mr Brown.

There is much more about this in the Herald and, of course, on Mr Whale Oil’s splendid blog.

For now, let’s simply note that The Herald identified Ms Chuang as the mistress and yesterday she said she was sorry for the “hurt and pain” that the saga had caused.

But it seems she can be too readily persuaded to do things she will regret.

“I really didn’t want to do it and I feel really horrible about it, I really didn’t think that Len deserves it,” she said. “I genuinely still care about him, not that I love him or anything, but I still care.”

The allegations forced Mr Brown to admit the affair and Ms Chuang said she felt “really bad and so sorry” when she watched him being interviewed on television by John Campbell.

But Mayor Len did not have to appear on the TV programme.

Nor did Ms Chaung have to blow the whistle.

But she did blow the whistle and we should be grateful, at least, that this has given us something to take our minds off stuff like the economy, social policy and the implications of whatever hanky-panky they are up to in Washington.

2 Responses to Ah – now we know (and so does Len Brown) what happens when a mistress’s world falls apart

  1. C. Morgan says:

    Alf, Bevan Chuang got more than she bargained for and she will go down in history as the mistress of a mayor as well as the woman who shamed the Chinese community in Auckland. Len Brown has lost my respect and he does not deserve to be mayor

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