They are volunteers, right? So why should Maori wardens in Oz expect funds from NZ taxpayers?

Our indigenous people have wonderful olfactory senses, when it comes to sniffing out a funding opportunity. Or a public handout.

They put this sense to good use wherever they might be, including Australia, where they are by no means the indigenous people.

Sniffing a trough which NZ taxpayers will fill with a rich swill is one thing.

Finding someone to turn the tap to ensure it is filled is another.

But our indigenous people have another great skill. They know how to sniff out the right Pakeha politicians who will be sufficiently craven to oblige them with the money they seek.

Alf makes these observations on learning that Maori in Victoria have done what they do in NZ, which is set up a Maori Wardens outfit.

It will officially be launched on 2 November.

Furthermore, as they do in this country, they will be calling on the Government to cough up the funding to keep the Maori Wardens in the law-and-order business.

They will be appealing to New Zealand’s High Commissioner in Canberra for financial support.

Radio NZ tells the story here.

The group was established last year in July as a not-for-profit organisation after kaumatua were concerned about the number of Maori youths involved in petty crimes.

Since then 82 Maori Wardens have been sworn in.

State branch chairman James Hohepa Smith says he wants to talk to the High Commissioner about what can be done to financially support the volunteers.

He says it is important the High Commissioner knows about the benefits of having the wardens patrol the streets with the Victoria police on Friday and Saturday nights, watching out for wayward rangatahi.

Alf thought volunteering had something to do with unpaid work.

Moreover if the work done by these volunteers makes a serious contribution to the maintenance of law and order in Australia – well, why doesn’t the government there, either state or federal, do the coughing up.

It’s worth noting that a large contingent of Queensland Maori Wardens will be turning up for the launch in Victoria.

Wonder if they are getting money from the NZ Government, and if so, from which appropriation and for what budgeted purpose that contributes to the wellbeing of this country.

4 Responses to They are volunteers, right? So why should Maori wardens in Oz expect funds from NZ taxpayers?

  1. Barry says:

    Well said Alf!

    Surely even that traitor-to-NZ Key wouldn’t pay so-called wardens who are not even in NZ!

    • James says:

      Kia ora Barry thank you for your comment. You are entitled to your opinion.

      We “Victoria Maori Wardens are not seeking any Funding or Financial support from the NZ government.

      As stated earlier from the above comments, the Radio interview was INCORRECT, and following that interview was the Storm of outrage, from the community of what had been put out by Radio NZ.

      We VMW have been sponsored to date by local busineses for the Voluntary work we do within the community.

      We do apply for financial support through local and State grants for not for profit organisations like VMW.

      These grants are specific towards Uniform costing and administrative material utilised by VMW executive.

      Grants are also available for accredited training by facilitators for members of VMW ie; First Aid, O.H and S and Situation awareness Training provided by Corrections Staff.

      The Corrections Staff provide the training Volunteeraly, we also have a local Kiwi Hapkido Trainer who teaches defence tactics for all our female members free of charge.

      So to reiterate we VMW will not be applying for any Funding from NZ outright.

      If anyone has any queries about this topic or the Victoria Maori Wardens operating here successfully in Melbourne, Victoria

      please contact our Chairman

      James Hohepa Smith.




  2. […] has already recorded his huge admiration for the way our indigenous people can sniff out a trough and get their snouts […]

  3. James says:

    Kia ora Whanau,

    The Official Launch of the Victoria Maori Wardens was a resounding success on the 2nd November 2013 for all Maori living in Melbourne and more so the community wide.

    **Google( victoria maori wardens launch Te karere)***

    The Radio NZ interview was a misinterpretation by Radio NZ of what we do as Maori Wardens and ultimately Volunteers. The statement of Funding is definately INCORRECT and we are not in anyway or form looking for any form of Funding through the NZ Government in Australia or NZ.

    We the Victoria Maori Wardens Inc are a Not for profit organisation and because of that we legally cannot obtain any funding for the purpose of profit.

    We however like any other not for profit organisation can apply for community grants which apply to the needs of our specific duties and tasks asked of our members.

    These grants are through Local, State and Federal Governments here in Australia. The funding pays for utilities and Training by accredited facilitators in First Aid Level 2, Security (crowd control) and OH & S training at pulic events and uniforms.

    Yes we are all Volunteers amongst our community, our Primary role to to engage with our Youth at risk on the streets and refer them onto agencies where they can reconnect to Education programs and Employment.

    I hope this has helped your query to who Victoria Maori Wardens Inc do for our Maori and Pacific Island Youth at risk on the streets here in Melbourne.

    Aroh Ki te tangata …. Love for our people

    James Hohepa Smith
    Victoria Maori Wardens Inc

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