Pix of men on the moon look convincing – but Colin Craig won’t be discounting lunar tricks

Ah, but maybe they staged it in a Hollywood studio.

Ah, but maybe they staged it in a Hollywood studio.

The Daily Mail website today includes an article of the sort that likely will be dismissed as bollocks in the Colin Craig household.

This time 45 years ago, the article says, three Americans were orbiting the moon in the Apollo 8 space craft – the furthest from the Earth that any man had ever gone – and were paving the way for humanity’s first successful mission to another celestial body.

Astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders even read sections of the Book of Genesis as part of a Christmas Eve television broadcast.

This should have gone down big with Colin Craig, who is known to be a staunch Christian in a society where increasing numbers of Kiwis are reported to have no religion.

The article goes on to say the astronauts were the first to photograph the Earth from far away and the moon up close – also capturing the now-famous ‘Earthrise’ photo while in lunar orbit.

Now Nasa has released more than 17,000 photos from the 33 Apollo astronauts who made it into space for the lunar missions, including the 12 men who set foot on the moon’s surface.

The archive, released through the Nasa-funded Lunar And Planetary Institute, shows not only the famous photos of Apollo 11 but everyday work for the astronauts as they completed their scheduled tasks in what must be history’s most breathtaking workplace.

And the archive also shows that it wasn’t a sight-seeing tour – with many of the photos showing experiments, lunar surface details and relatively mundane subject matter.

And here’s the really important bit of the article:

Among the photos are high-resolution versions of images taken by Neil Armstrong, after he became the first human being to stand on a celestial body other than the Earth.

Armstrong’s pictures of Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin descending the Lunar Module ladder, saluting the U.S. flag and standing on the moon – as well as Buzz’s self-portrait of his footprint on the powdery surface – never cease to be awe-inspiring.

But just how convincing will these pictures be in the household of the leader of New Zealand’s fastest-rising political party, Colin Craig.

Not so long ago he said he’s not sure man walked on the moon.

Asked by RadioLive presenter Marcus Lush this morning if he believes man walked on the moon, he says: “I don’t have a belief or a non-belief in these things. I just don’t know.”

Asked again if he thinks man walked on the moon, he says: “I have no idea, mate. That’s what we’re told. I’m sort of inclined to believe it. But at the end of the day I haven’t looked into it. There are very serious people that question these things. I don’t have to have an opinion on these things, I don’t have time to look into it.”

Asked a third time, Mr Craig says he’s not going to judge something like the moon landings without the facts.

“I think we’ve had too many politicians judge things without the facts. It’s actually not a priority, surely, for me to have a position on these sorts of things when my job is ultimately going to be to fix the issues of New Zealand.”


Wonder what he thinks about Father Christmas and – more important – what he tells his daughter about the jolly fat man in red and white garb who drives a sleigh powered by reindeer with a cargo of goodies for children who have not been naughty over the previous 12 months.

On this score, Alf must confess, he often failed the behaviour test as a child and was bypassed by Santa.

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