The case for being rid of roads is much stronger than the case for removing wi-fi from schools

So how can we keep our kiddies safe?

By getting rid of roads, for starters.

There’s a much stronger case for banning roads than banning wi-fi.

How many deaths attributed to proximity to wi-fi have been recorded in New Zealand over the Christmas holidays?


Come to think of it, how many deaths can be attributed to wi-fi anywhere at any time?

Ah. But what about deaths suspected to have been caused by wi-fi?

Alf’s old mate Whale Oil has commented here on the case of a Horowhenua family who have tragically lost their son to cancer – but somehow they think it’s the school’s fault for having wi-fi installed

…never mind that they had it in their house as well…and never mind that their fears are based on no evidence at all.

Ethan Wyman, 10, died of brain cancer earlier this year. Now his parents now want Wi-Fi removed from his school because they believe students there are being exposed to radiation that could lead them to suffer Ethan’s fate.

Have the school authorities taken this seriously?

Yep. According to this Newstalk ZB report:

Te Horo School’s Board of Trustees has decided to replace Wifi with hard-wired internet in classrooms for its year one to four students, after consulting with parents on the issue earlier this month.

The matter was sparked after one family called for more discussion on it, following concerns that a Wifi-capable iPod their son was using at home may have contributed to his fatal brain tumour.

The school’s said to have received a large number of emails from around the world in support of pulling Wifi, after it began consulting on Wifi use.

As Whale Oil observes:

This sort of rubbish is fuelled by nutters who think chemtrails are a government conspiracy, the moon landings were fake and fluoride is mass poisoning. I wonder what Colin Craig’s position on cell towers and wi-fi and the alleged link to cancer is?

The science on the subject is neatly addressed here.

Alf needs say no more, except…

Well, except to say there’s a much stronger case for banning roads.

Then there would be no traffic and no road accidents.

The link between roads and road deaths is much stronger than the link between wi-fi and young Ethan’s brain tumour.

And as the year comes at an end, the road toll keeps climbing.

The holiday road toll rose to five late yesterday afternoon with the death of a female driver in Hamilton following a car colliding with a bus.

The incident happened about 4.40pm at the intersection of Te Rapa Rd, Victoria St, Ulster St and Forest Lake Rd in Hamilton. The intersection is controlled by traffic lights.

A four-year-old girl was killed in a Sunday crash south of Taumarunui.

And a woman was killed in a three-car crash in Southland on Sunday.

The case for challenging the safety of roads is incontrovertible.

But only a nutter – and probably all members of the Green Party – would want to abolish them.

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