Sue Moroney will meet the cops about kids and the booze laws – but to what purpose, exactly?

Labour’s Sue Moroney has been given media time to spout her silly opinions about the booze laws and intoxicated children.

She can’t resist taking a swipe at the splendid Key Government, saying it needs to look again at banning the types of drinks drunk by a nine-year-old Hamilton boy.

This is the lad who was shown in a video that made headlines around the world. He was pissed and stroppy.

According to a Daily Mail report of the video’s contents:

A drunk nine-year-old boy brags about smoking weed after claiming to have drunk 18 cans of whisky and cola given to him by his auntie, in a disturbing video clip that has emerged on the internet.

Filmed at a skate park in New Zealand, The Maori youngster is first seen leaning on a wall clutching a can seven per cent strong pre-mixed bourbon and cola before collapsing on the ground.

His mates at least did not claim he is special, but they did say he is “different”.

According to the Daily Mail report:

When someone in the background mentions smoking cannabis, the boy says: ‘I do smoke weed.’

He then walks across the skate park to join a group of older children. Among them is a teenager who claims to be the boy’s brother and says: ‘He’s Maori, he’s different’.

So where did he get the booze.

That’s what the cops are trying to find out.

They shouldn’t have to look too hard. When the interviewer on the video asks why the boy is boozing, a girl on a scooter claims ‘he’s allowed’

…and says he had been given the booze by his aunt who lives nearby.

The girl might be wrong, of course, but somebody gave the kid his booze.

So let’s find out who it was and lay charges, then hope the courts are smart enough to impose a stiff sentence to make an example of the culprit (or culprits).

This is so obvious and so simple that Labour has other ideas.

Fair to say, Ms Moroney wants the person who supplied the alcohol held to account and will be meeting with police next week.

How will that help track down the guilty party, exactly?

No, it won’t.

This means it is nothing more than political posturing.

But there are more to Moroney’s demands.

According to what she told TV3:

Labour’s Sue Moroney says there needs to be tighter controls in place around access to alcohol.

“The particular alcohol that the young boy had hold of in Fairfield in the last few days was at seven percent, and would’ve been banned if parliament had accepted our amendment,” she says.

In that case the supplier of the booze would have poured some other form of hooch down his throat.

Methylated spirits, maybe.

Nah. Let’s not harp on about tougher laws. Instead, let’s make the cops police the laws we already have.

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