Trained nurses are settling for jobs in rest homes – but that’s better, surely, than the dole

February 4, 2014

Radio NZ’s Te Manu Korihi team seems to have tapped into a great gusher of indigenous grievances by talking with the head of an outfit called Te Kaunihera o Nga Neehi Maori – the National Council of Maori Nurses.

Alf was startled yesterday on learning that this group believes

… the colonial process is coming down like a big hammer on Maori health providers.

Roughly translated into common-sense English, this means the race-based nurses’ outfit is complaining that our district health boards don’t pay it enough heed when deciding how public money should be spent on health services within their respective domains.

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Here’s another urgent issue to address to shake off the shackles of colonialism (or so say Maori nurses)

February 3, 2014

We have to listen very carefully, when our Treaty partners complain about a raw deal.

If we don’t they are apt to mount a case to the Waitangi Tribunal, and the next thing you know a judgement has been made in their favour and the Government is being told how badly it is behaving.

This being so, Alf jumped to attention when he heard a nurses’ group complain that…

…it believes the colonial process is coming down like a big hammer on Maori health providers.

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Racism, bullying and Turei’s togs – and now we know who is Queen of her Castle

February 1, 2014

Alf is a great admirer of the National Party’s female cabinet ministers (although with enough whisky on board he might concede he harbours just a wee tinge of envy that they have been promoted ahead of him).

He has especially admired the feistiness of Anne Tolley and Judith Collins in recent days in putting them Green tossers in their place.

Anne kicked things off in Parliament by saying something Alf has always wanted to say but wouldn’t, lest the Opposition harpies accuse him of sexism, which is bound to put him in bad odour with local members of the Women’s Institute or Rural Women.

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