You wouldn’t credit it – there’s life in a party thought to have gone the way of the dodo

Alf admires an optimist.

Accordingly he today salutes John Pemberton, who aspires to become a member of Parliament.

He will be campaigning in Taupo and John Pemberton, MP, has a nice ring to it.

Alf has never heard of John Pemberton, but each election campaign throws up names Alf has never heard of.

More interesting in this case, according to a media release today, Pemberton will represent the Democrats for Social Credit Party (DSC) on the hustings in the Taupo electorate this election.

The what party?

Oh yes. The Democrats for Social Credit Party.

It used to be known as the Social Credit Political League.

Alf must confess he had forgotten all about the party.

But it has a website (here)

And it has been quietly announcing election candidates over recent days – without anyone taking much notice.

In the case of this Pemberton bloke, we are told:

John is a long time resident of Matamata in the Waikato. His job as field technician for a food safety and biosecurity company takes him all over the upper North Island.

He has a good working knowledge of the banking system through his many years’ involvement in the Credit Union movement. His personal website includes debt graphs, finance and budget calculators, and links to other like-minded sites.

John is currently the DSC Party President, and has held many other party offices including Deputy Leader and Finance spokesman.

This perhaps is a consequence of the party being short of members to fill all those posts.

The record shows the Democrats for Social Credit won 1,714 votes at the 2011 general election, or 0.08% of the total.

This put them considerably behind the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party, which attracted 11,738 votes.

What share of the party vote will the Democratic Party for Social Credit win at the next General Election?

Good question.

At ipredict the last trade price is $0.0100.

Alf isn’t altogether sure he knows exactly what this means and will be consulting David Farrar on the matter.

But he has a suspicion it means the ambitious Pemberton won’t be causing Louise Upston any sleepless nights.

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