We were rocking in the electorate last night – and rejoicing at Labour’s shaken political prospects

Yep. The earth moved for the Grumbles yesterday – a reminder of what happened on their honeymoon, way back several years.

But Alf had not replenished his Viagra supplies.

The family home – and all of the electorate, actually – was rocked by an aftershock from last year’s quake.

Stuff has reported on the event here.

The magnitude 4.3 quake occurred just before 8pm. It was centred 20 km south-west of Pongaroa, and was 47 km deep.

GNS Science seismologist Caroline Holden said the shake would have been a “sharp jolt” but the quake was likely to been too deep to have caused damage.

The Eketahuna area suffered damage from a magnitude 6.3 quake in January. Holden said tonight’s shake was likely to be connected.

“The timing and the location means it’s likely to be an aftershock.”

Actually, Alf was down at the club when it happened.

His mates were not unduly dismayed.

They were much more enthralled by talk of The Budget and – notwithstanding the lack of goodies for many of them personally – the way it has rocked Labour’s election hopes, which had never been too flash anyway.

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