When the Greens let their hair down, you could say they risk causing serious dis-tress



A very unattractive picture was painted, in Alf’s ever-lively mind, when he learned of the Greens wanting to let their hair down.

Crystal Gayle with her hair down? Well, just take a look at the pic on the right. Alf would have gone a long way to see her and her tresses in her hey-day as a country and western singer.

According to the German fairy tale, Rapunzel was something of a looker with long tresses too.

But Alf would rather be far away when the likes of Metiria Turei (the sheila at the top) let their hair down.

Hence he does not get too excited by news that the Green Party will be holding an auction behind closed doors to raise funds later this month.

Yes, he knows all about the hypocrisy of the Greens raising funds in secret when they are to the fore in demanding transparency in political party fund-raising.

As Andrea Vance observes in her report:

Last month co-leader Russel Norman called for more details about National’s Cabinet Clubs – where ministers mix with donors over lunch or breakfast. The money raised from ticket sales goes into National party coffers.

It sparked a ”cash for access” row with Norman saying the Government has put democracy up for sale, and calling for a ministerial disclosure regime.

However, the Greens are coy about their own fundraising methods. An agenda for next weekend’s annual day meeting shows the media are barred from a pre-lunch ”party fundraising session” on the last day of the three-day conference.

But while Alf initially was tempted to denounce the Greens for being a mendaciously two-faced bunch of muesli-munchers, he backed off on learning there was a reason for the secrecy.

A spokeswoman explained the half-hour meeting is an auction for party members. It was a ”fun” session closed so guests could ”let their hair down.”

Co-leader Metiria Turei has crocheted a blanket which will be offered for sale.

”It’s not $10,000 a pop,” the spokeswoman said, referring to National’s fundraising events.

It will be happening during the Green’s AGM in Silverstream, Upper Hutt, over Queens Birthday Weekend.

It’s an event to be seriously avoided. Come to Eketahuna instead.

3 Responses to When the Greens let their hair down, you could say they risk causing serious dis-tress

  1. Alf – I suppose your post is funny, in a wry, even dry way, but seriously??? Equating the Green’s in-house auction behind closed doors, with National’s Cabinet Club affairs?
    I’ve been to one of their auctions. It seemed amusing. There were odd bits of this and that up for auction and it gave those present a chance to buy something perhaps-unneeded and in the process give some money to the party for whatever they needed it. Buying a chance to talk with an MP? Hell no. Buying influence? Not even. Spending huge amounts to curry favour (no pun intended)? Nope.
    No, it was just as it seems and nothing more, unlike the Cabinet Club events which reek of privilege and leverage. Why close the doors? Well, selling a blanket crocheted by Meteria is the kind of thing you and your pinch-lipped ilk 🙂 swarm over for the chance it offers to Demean the Green (I see you still revel in the glory days when Morris dancing by the Greens was the sledge of choice – sigh! When will you grow up, Alf?) so closing the doors is not a bad idea at all. I’d post a couple of burly green lads dressed in bell-laden stockings and colourful waist-coats, armed with Morris sticks and fit as fiddles to keep the likes of you out til the bidding was over. Riff raff.

  2. Alf Grumble says:

    You’re a bit hard to please, Robert . Alf clearly (he thinks) says he backed off denouncing the Greens for being a mendaciously two-faced bunch of muesli-munchers on learning there was a reason for the secrecy. Are you coming up for the conference? If so, take a tip: give the auction a miss and head over the hill to the Wairarapa, proceed up State Highway 2 to Eketahuna, and pop into the Eketahuna Club. The local MP will buy the drinks.

  3. Alf – not going to the conference, but I do hope to visit the club and meet the member before too long. We have much to discuss and I’m determined to teach you at least the basic steps of Morris. Oh, and mine’s a Scotch, if you’re able.

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